The best Samsung S24 cases in 2024

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the best case for the new Samsung S24. Check out our expert opinion for help on where to start.

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If you care about protecting your phone (and looking snazzy at the same time) you need this guide to the best Samsung S24 cases, whether you’re prioritizing safety, design, or other features. When you go to purchase a case for the S24, you’ll be considering options that have a kickstand, wallet cases for convenience, and silicone varieties to keep the focus on the phone itself. To cut through all the choices, we’ve used our expert opinion to select the best options for this latest Samsung model.

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Peak Design’s Galaxy S24 Everyday Case

The best all-round Samsung S24 case

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Peak Design’s Galaxy S24 Everyday Case specifications:
Compatability S24 Ultra, S24 Plus, and S24
Reasons to buy
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Simple and attractive design
  • In-built magnetic lock
Reasons to avoid
  • Higher-end specs come with an increased price

The Everyday case from Peak Design does exactly what it promises from its name: this is an excellent all-rounder for the S24, and unless you’re looking for something specialist or specific, this will almost certainly do the job you want it to do. The case has an impressively stripped-back but smart design, combining the nylon casing with a rubberized bumper to protect against shock damage. Additionally, the Everyday case comes with an extremely handy built-in magnetic lock, which allows you to securely clip your device onto most metal surfaces.

The only real downside with the Everyday case is the price tag. As a high-end case for a high-end phone, it also comes in at the more expensive end of the price range. However, this is a case that will last the test of time, rewarding your investment if you can afford the initial outlay.

Frusde magnetic kickstand case

The best Samsung S24 kickstand case

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Frusde magnetic kickstand case specifications:
Compatability S24 Ultra, S24 Plus, and S24
Reasons to buy
  • Robust, central magnetic kickstand
  • Striking design in a variety of color options
  • A budget-friendly option
Reasons to avoid
  • Color options can be divisive

If you love using a kickstand, it’s something that you won’t want to compromise on when purchasing a case for your Samsung S24. And, the truth is that kickstands can be incredibly useful, especially as screens increase in size, and phones are increasingly used for streaming and long video calls.

Thankfully, Frusade’s latest magnetic kickstand case for the Samsung S24 is a great option. The kickstand tucks away neatly and discreetly when not in use, and the case offers other important features too including a camera guard and that all-important shock absorption to prevent and limit fall damage. It’s also budget-friendly, and you’ll struggle to find a case that offers so much for such a little price.

FNTCASE for Samsung Galaxy

The best silicone Samsung S24 case

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FNTCASE for Samsung Galaxy specifications:
Compatibility S24 Ultra
Reasons to buy
  • Transparent with anti-yellowing TPU protection
  • Lightweight and durable
Reasons to avoid
  • Designed only for Samsung S24 Ultra

If you want your new, shiny, beautiful Samsung S24 to be the star of the show rather than being smothered by a clunky case, you’ll want to consider transparent, silicone case options. FNTCASE’s new product designed specifically for the Samsung S24 Ultra is top of the class here, delivering exactly what it promises without fuss. After all, you’ve just spent an eye-watering sum on your new phone: surely, you don’t want to cover it up with a plastic shell?

The only real downside to this transparent case is that it’s only designed to fit the Ultra spec. If you’ve got one of the other Samsung S24 trims, you’ll need to continue your hunt.

Mantto wallet case

The best Samsung S24 wallet case

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Mantto wallet case specifications:
Compatibility S24 Ultra
Reasons to buy
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Soft PU leather
  • Lots of storage space
Reasons to avoid
  • Slightly bulkier

We all love something that can serve more than one purpose, and wallet phone cases are a brilliant example of that. Protecting your phone and storing your important cards all at the same time? Bingo! (Just please, please don’t lose it.)

As the Samsung S24 releases, Mantto’s wallet phone case is a top-of-the-range and budget-friendly choice for you. Because of its magnetic closing clip, it won’t accidentally flop open, and its simple black design is stylish and attractive. Importantly, in terms of storage, you can keep loose notes, a number of cards, and a picture in the case all at the same time, as it offers plenty of space without looking excessively clunky.

Casetify Impact case

The best protective Samsung S24 case

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Casetify Impact case specifications:
Compatibility S24 Ultra, S24 Plus, and S24
Reasons to buy
  • Military grade 8.2ft drop protection
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • Great, customizable design
Reasons to avoid
  • A more expensive option

Let’s get the only downside out of the way, first: Casetify’s Impact case for the Samsung S24 series is a more expensive option. If you’re looking for a reason not to buy this case, this is the only one. It’s a top-of-the-range product, and inevitably that’s reflected in how much it costs.

However, in our opinion, Casetify’s Impact case justifies its price. Partially made from upcycled phone cases, and with EcoShock protection material, this is an environmentally conscious purchase that doesn’t compromise on functionality. It’s also a case that’s built to last, and with a raised edge and some hardcore protection tech, this is our top pick if you’re specifically looking for a case that can keep your new phone safe. In terms of the design options, this is a simple, sleek, and very attractive case that comes with some color choices too. It’s hard not to love everything about this case.

Otterbox Defender Series Pro case

The best Otterbox Samsung S24 case

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Otterbox Defender Series Pro case specifications:
Compatibility S24 Ultra, S24 Plus, and S24
Reasons to buy
  • Reliable brand
  • Durable
  • Different color options
Reasons to avoid
  • Expensive

Otterbox is one of the most reliable names in the smartphone case game, and the Defender Series Pro offers you some serious protection for your expensive flagship. It might look a little basic, though there are a few colors to pick from, but it does exactly what you need it gives you peace of mind while not affecting any of the usability of your fancy phone.

The obvious caveat with this case is the price. It’s slightly more expensive than the Casetify alternative, but it covers all the bases in terms of drop, dust, and dirt-proofing. If you’re willing to spend a little extra on this one, you can be sure it’ll carry you through until the arrival of the next generation of Samsung phones and well beyond.

Caseology Parallax

The best Caseology Samsung S24 case

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Caseology Parallax specifications:
Compatibility S24 Ultra, S24 Plus, and S24
Reasons to buy
  • Known brand
  • Cheap
  • Ergonomic design
Reasons to avoid
  • Limited designs

Caseology is another big name in smartphone cases but offers significantly cheaper products than Casetify and Otterbox. The Parallax is an ergonomically designed case that feels a lot better in your hand than some of the similarly priced alternatives without losing any of the durability. For just under $20, you can’t really ask for more.

There aren’t any significant downsides to the Parallax case, though it’s worth pointing out there aren’t a ton of exciting options to choose from in terms of design. Providing you don’t mind your phone case not exactly being a party piece, there’s little reasoning we can offer to avoid this one.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

The best designed Samsung S24 case

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Case specifications:
Compatibility S24 Ultra
Reasons to buy
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable
  • Subtle cutouts and buttons
Reasons to avoid
  • Limited color options

The Spigen Neo Hybrid is a well-built and durable case with a slim and sleek shape that doesn’t draw too much attention while also being incredibly easy on the eye. It’s a good all-rounder that stands out due to the thoughtfulness of its design: an unobtrusive design that doesn’t unnecessarily cover any of the buttons or make accessing any of the features difficult thanks to precise cutouts.

The case is also on the more affordable end of the spectrum, and for its price tag, you get guaranteed protection with a casing made of a combination of PC and TPU, with extra grip on the sides to limit the chance of any accidents. What you don’t get is lots of color choices, but it’s already attractive as-is with its simplicity so that isn’t really a major drawback at all.

How we chose the best Samsung S24 cases

Everyone’s needs and preferences are different, so selecting the best Samsung S24 cases is a delicate balance. This balance is central to how we choose the best Samsung S24 cases on the market. With each of the categories, we’ve assessed considerations such as price, size, and the basic level of protection afforded by the case. You can check out our full process on our how we test page.

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