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NCSoft announces new global lineup at G-Star 2023

Some fantastic new games are coming from NCSoft in the near future, including two mobile titles and their debut Nintendo Switch game.

Key art of NCSoft's upcoming game, Battle Crush

NCSoft recently gave us a look at their global line-up for the future, showing off trailers for a lot of games coming to Switch, mobile, and more. The announcement came from G-Star 2023 held in Korea.

The event’s opening speech saw executive producers reveal trailers for their upcoming projects, including Battle Crush, Project BSS, and Project G. We’re excited to get our hands on them, especially the strategy game, Project G.

Battle Crush makes its way to Switch as NCSoft’s debut title on the system, bringing an action-packed experience. It’s a battle brawler that pits up to 30 players against each other in eight-minute rounds, where you must survive to become the winner. Other players aren’t the only obstacle, though, as the very floor crumbles beneath you, but you can grab items from treasure chests and upgrade your skills to stand a better chance.

One title coming to mobile and PC is Project BSS, taking place in the Blade & Soul universe. It has action and adventure gameplay alongside collection elements – strategy is key here when making your teams take into battle. Project BSS releases in 2024, and we’ll keep you updated with all the information about it.

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Project G, also releasing on mobile and PC, marks NCSoft’s first real-time strategy title. The game features strategic gameplay in a world wracked by war, where you must accumulate resources and territory to ensure your survival. You can tune into the Upcoming Project Interview on November 17, at 13:30 UTC+9 for more information on the title.

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