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Rift Rangers developer rebrands to Nightmarket Games

Epic Story Interactive rebrands into Nightmarket Games as the team hosts “discussions with a number of partners” regarding its licensed IPs.

Nightmarket Games keyart showing a cat in front of a gaming booth in front of a light green background

Epic Story Interactive is ready for its next chapter, except the indie studio no longer has that name and is instead to be Nightmarket Games going forward. This marks the beginning of a new era for the company, following a very successful year for the team.

Recently, Epic Story Interactive announced that its games library boasts more than 100m downloads, an impressive feat worthy of a celebration, especially as only the best mobile games are able to amass such numbers. The transformation into Nightmarket Games is to help the team create a more distinctive brand identity within their games, and this couldn’t come at a better time as the indie studio is working on the upcoming RTS game TitanCrash.

Speaking on the change, Nightmarket Games CEO and co-founder Ken Faier says that “this rebranding marks a pivotal milestone in our journey, symbolizing not just our growth but our evolution into a studio that aims to dream bigger and challenge the conventional boundaries of storytelling and game design.

Nightmarket Games stands for our commitment to creating worlds where our players are the heroes, offering adventures as diverse and dynamic as our community itself. Our new identity is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation in every game we create.”

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It’s always great to see a studio value itself and its vision in this way, and with the impending soft launch of TitanCrash in May, we can’t wait to see what awaits Nightmarket Games. This is especially true considering that, as Nightmarket Games CCO Chad Greenway explains, “we are in discussions with a number of partners to further expand our licensed IP business.”

Nightmarket Games has titles that fall under the Beyblade and Ben 10 IPs, so it’s possible that we may see another game under one of those banners. Or perhaps the team is forging new partnerships. Only time will tell.

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