Ninja Legends 2 codes – coins and shards

Never miss a freebie with our Ninja Legends 2 codes list

January 18, 2022: We checked for new Ninja Legends 2 codes

Want to become the ultimate ninja? It’s a long arduous road filled with many battles and relentless power grinding. Unless you get a little help from our Ninja Legends 2 codes list, that is. We have plenty of free shards to use on pets, and coins for all your purchasing needs, helping you gain power that little bit quicker.

That’s why Ninja Legends 2 codes are the best – they give you some free in-game currency so you don’t have to grind for it yourself. So, as you continue your journey of elemental mastery and training, don’t forget to keep checking in with our list to get yourself even more freebies.

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here are the latest ninja legends 2 codes

Active codes:

  • zenmaster15K – chi boost
  • powers500 – 500 Shards
  • shurikencity500 – 750 Coins
  • epicturrets450 – 300 Shards
  • waterfall500 – 500 Shards
  • newgame500 – 500 Shards
  • bossbattle300 – 300 Shards
  • Firstplanet250 – 250 Shards
  • epictower350 – 350 Coins
  • treeninja400 – 400 Coins

A red warrior, a purple warrior, and a blue warrior all wield different weapons wearing high tech armour

what are ninja legends 2 codes?

Ninja Legends 2 redeem codes are freebies that the developer, Scriptbloxian, gives out to players. You can redeem these codes for coins and shards, which are useful for opening pet orbs and buying items.

how do i redeem ninja legends 2 codes?

It’s easy to redeem your Ninja Legends 2 codes, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the game
  • Tap on ‘Codes’ on the right side of the page
  • Copy any of the Ninja Legends 2 codes from our list into the box
  • Enjoy your rewards!

where can i get more codes?

The best way to find more codes is to follow Scriptbloxian on Twitter. Either that, or you can just keep checking this list, as we’ll update it any time a new code is released.

If you want to play Ninja Legends 2 for yourself, you can download Roblox on Google Play and the App Store.