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No Man’s Sky Beyond - is it on Switch?

The big No Man’s Sky Beyond update massively expanded the multiplayer mode, base building, NPCs, and technology trees – but will it be on the Switch version?

A strange alien with a triangular and colourful face waving at the camera. He's stood in a futuristic room with different bits of tech strewn about.

No Man’s Sky is a grand space exploration game, one that sums up many of the good and bad things in the modern-day videogame mayhem we’re all stuck in. After a rough launch, people loudly shouted their disappointment, before Hello Games set about tuning and tweaking the game, and then bringing massive updates. The most recent big one is the No Man’s Sky Beyond update. It added VR support and expanded multiplayer. But the Nintendo Switch version of No Man’s Sky is a single-player experience, so we’re not going to get any of that. But what about the other stuff?

Assumedly, elements like new tutorials, early-game streamlining, and new story content will all be present. The developer Hello Games has promised that the No Man’s Sky Nintendo Switch version will launch with six years of content from 20 updates, but obviously, not all of it is going to be in there. So, head down below to find everything from the No Man’s Sky Beyond update that we expect to see in the Switch release.

No Man’s Sky Beyond

You can check out the No Man’s Sky Beyond announcement trailer below, and then a list of all the updates we expect to see in the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

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No Man’s Sky Beyond story updates

Here’s a rough list of the majority of story-based edits that came with the No Man’s Sky Beyond update.

  • Missions and tutorials were significantly revised
  • The early game is more streamlined to help out new players
  • Hello Games added new story content to weave together past story bits
  • Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada have got 12 new traveller friends, offering a range of missions and encounters
  • 60 new alien NPC dialogues featuring mini-stories and missions

Three spacemen riding on crabs, evenly spread in a pink field on an alien planet, with the clear blue sky above full of small clouds and spaceships flying.

No Man’s Sky Beyond features

Here’s a rough list of the majority of feature-based edits that came with the No Man’s Sky Beyond update.

  • Substances, crafted products, and new technologies are automatically added to the catalogue
  • The rework of the pinning system that lets players get clear instructions for building something in the catalogue
  • Auto-highlighting of crafting requirements and better messaging in complex missions
  • A discovery page overhaul to make it more intuitive
  • Planetary chart overhaul
  • Galaxy map edits which made it easier to parse
  • NPC dialogue enhancements
  • Animation improvements, with more appropriate moods expressed by aliens
  • Improved, clearer dialogue boxes
  • Introduction of NPCs being able to walk around and interact with elements in their environment, as well as to respond to gestures from explorers.
  • Some alien NPC encounters on the planet’s surface
  • Alien language learning enhancements, with the new auto-translator tech for the Exosuit, which translates a small number of unknown words.
  • More than 700 new alien words for the dictionary, with similar words now learned together in groups
  • Creature taming, mounting, and harvesting for ingredients like milk and eggs
  • New varieties of harvestable flora on every planet’s surface
  • 300 recipes for the nutrient processors for which you can harvest cooking ingredients from plants and creatures

There were also new features relating to technology, along with gameplay balancing, all of which can be read here. For more, check out our Tower of Fantasy tier list, Tower of Fantasy characters, and Tower of Fantasy map guide.