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No Man’s Sky how to save guide

No Man’s Sky how to save guide can save the day, literally, if you've just been out collecting resources and are scared to lose it all to one wrong move

No Man's Sky how to save - a traveller stood on an icey planet in front of an iglu and a beacon

The galaxy is a vast and dangerous place, but if you can’t resist exploration or adventure, the chances are you’re the sort of person that can appreciate No Man’s Sky, as it allows you to go where no brave soul has gone before. So, given how hostile some of these planets are and how hard it can be to gather materials, we put together this No Man’s Sky how to save guide, so you don’t have to worry about losing any progress should you encounter dangerous creatures, get lost, or simply stumble off a cliff.

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Anyway, onto our No Man’s Sky how to save guide.

An explorer looking at a creature at night on a planet

No Man’s Sky how to save

You have three choices when it comes to saving your game.


The first is autosave, a mechanic that every gamer is familiar with at this point, as the vast majority of games feature it. In essence, the game saves itself periodically, and while this is handy, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to save when you want it to, but that’s where the other two save options come in.

Save points

Save points are in-game items that you can craft, but you need the following materials:

  • One di-hydrogen jelly
  • Two metal plating

If you have these in your inventory, you can craft a save point and use it if you:

  • Go to the quick-build menu
  • Hit portable
  • Craft a save point
  • Find it in your inventory
  • Interact with it to save your game


The third way to save your No Man’s Sky file is to visit a beacon. These tend to be near large structures on the planets, and given they also allow you to get a lay of the land, we strongly suggest that you use them.

There you have it, our complete No Man’s Sky how to save guide, so you don’t have to worry about losing progress on your journey. Since you’re here, why not check out our best Switch RPGs guide for some more adventures.