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Nu Carnival characters - Olivine, Kuya, and more

Get familiar with this harem of handsome husbandos, from flirtatious fox boys to seductive succubi, with the help of our guide to all the Nu Carnival characters

Nu Carnival characters Garu, Eiden, and Olivine

Infinity Alpha’s BL gacha game Nu Carnival has taken the internet by storm, quickly going viral, as many of you eagerly dive into this weird and wonderful world. With its fun, goofy fantasy story, its simple-to-grasp but enjoyable turn-based RPG combat, and its raunchy, animated intimacy rooms, it ticks plenty of boxes and certainly fills a niche. But, of course, there’s no way this game could have garnered so much success without a cast of handsome husbandos to fawn over, right?

Luckily, the Nu Carnival characters are all equally as loveable (and gorgeous) in their own way. Whether you’re into the kind-hearted, friendly type like Olivine, the strong, silent type like Quincy, or the tender, shy type like Yakumo, there’s really someone for everyone. In this guide, we take a look at every one of these handsome lads, their birthdays, heights, personalities, and history, as well as the different versions you can collect for each of them. With our help, you’ll be overflowing with essence in no time – if you know what we mean (wink wink).

If you’re new to this raunchy, romantic romp, head over to our Nu Carnival download guide to dive in today – but keep in mind that this game contains adult content, and is certainly not suitable for younger audiences. We also have a list of all the latest Nu Carnival codes, with plenty of free gems and scrolls up for grabs, so you can try your luck at pulling your favourite SSR husbando today.

All Nu Carnival characters

Here are all the Nu Carnival characters that are currently available in the game.

Nu Carnival Eiden

Nu Carnival Eiden

  • Birthday: June 17
  • Height: 176cm
  • Realm: Modern-day workplace
  • Voice actor: Netoru Irakusa

The open-minded, personable protagonist of this wild adventure, Eiden is an independent and optimistic young man who makes the best of any situation. As a child, he grew up in an orphanage, not knowing any of his family. Now in his 20’s, he works as a designer at a sex toy company – that is, until he takes on a commission to create a custom toy with an unusual gem, and is thrust into a magical world as a result.

Here, he learns that he’s the descendant of Grand Sorcerer Huey who’s been missing for a long time, and it’s up to him to reunite the Gemstone Clan members and regulate the essence of the Gemstone Altars.

Nu Carnival Aster

Nu Carnival Aster

  • Birthday: November 12
  • Height: 165cm
  • Realm: Light Territory
  • Voice actor: Kashiro Futo

Created by Grand Sorcerer Huey around 100 years ago, Aster is a vampire familiar who replenishes his essence by drinking blood. Despite his cute looks and playful demeanour, he’s a formidable merchant and businessman, and has managed to amass a large fortune over the years.

He owns a mansion on the outskirts of the Royal City, which the Gemstone Clan use as their base of operations. He has a strange relationship with Morvay and, although they often fight and tease each other, they’ve lived together for a long time and have grown very close as a result.

There are currently three different versions of Aster to collect. You’re guaranteed to gain a free copy of SR Aster (Familiar) near the beginning of the game.

Version Element Class
SR Aster (Familiar) Water Striker
R Aster (Vampire) Dark Striker
N Aster (Tycoon) Fire Striker

Nu Carnival Morvay

Nu Carnival Morvay

  • Birthday: April 13
  • Height: 175cm
  • Realm: Light Territory
  • Voice Actor: Natsumeda Yuto

Grand Sorcerer Huey created Morvay around 70 years ago. He’s a reckless and wild incubus familiar who drains the ‘vitality’ from his victims to replenish his energy. He has a talent for reconnaissance, resulting in him being responsible for gathering information and keeping an eye on the state of the gemstone altars across the kingdom.

He’s strong-headed and fiery, and often struggles to hide his emotions, resulting in Aster teasing him frequently. His salacious appetite for intimacy has gained him quite a reputation around the kingdom, but his loyalty to the Grand Sorcerer, Eiden, and his friends is admirable.

There are currently three different versions of Morvay to collect. You’re guaranteed to gain a free copy of SR Morvay (Familiar) near the beginning of the game.

Version Element Class
SR Morvay (Familiar) Fire Guardian
R Morvay (Incubus) Dark Guardian
N Morvay (Master Spy) Water Guardian

Nu Carnival Yakumo

Nu Carnival Yakumo

  • Birthday: December 8
  • Height: 182cm
  • Realm: Light Territory
  • Voice actor: Manaka Sawa

Yakumo is a serpent spirit, who was born deep in the realm of the Wood Territory. He’s a descendant of the famous Great Serpent often spoken about in legends, and, as such, has inherited a great level of essence. As a child, he was found by an elderly couple who took him in and raised him as their own.

Growing into a kind-hearted and polite young man, Yakumo has a very sweet, shy nature, and a great passion for cooking and nurturing those around him. However, he harbours a great level of power, and is constantly afraid of losing control of it. It’s well known across the Light Territory that if Yakumo gets angry, you’d better run.

There are currently four different versions of Yakumo for you to collect.

Version Element Class
SSR Yakumo (Homecoming) Fire Striker
SSR Yakumo (Cocoa Liqueur) Dark Striker
SR Yakumo (Shadow Serpent)  Fire Healer
R Yakumo (Model Citizen) Wood Healer
N Yakumo (Timid Youth)  Light Healer

Nu Carnival Edmond

Nu Carnival Edmond

  • Birthday: March 21
  • Height: 177cm
  • Realm: Light Territory
  • Voice actor: Muru Nimaigai

Edmond is the well-educated, self-disciplined, and fiercely proud Vice-Captain of the Knights of the Klein Kingdom. Born of noble birth, he has impeccable manners, and is a certified master sword-wielder, who values duty and honour above all else.

He has an abundance of powerful essence, but, due to his opposition to the use of magic, he suppresses the desire that it stirs within him. However, after receiving an order from the king, he’s forced to assist Eiden and the others with their duties – can you help break through his stoney exterior and allow him to give in to his needs?

There are currently four versions of Edmond for you to collect.

Version Element Class
SSR Edmond (Knightly Night) Water Striker
SSR Edmond (White Lover) Light Striker
SR Edmond (Vice-Captain) Water Striker
R Edmond (Knight) Fire Striker
N Edmond (Young Noble) Dark Striker

Nu Carnival Olivine

Nu Carnival Olivine

  • Birthday: October 13
  • Height: 176cm
  • Realm: Water Territory
  • Voice actor: OneNightLove

Olivine is a holy priest serving the God of Klein. He bears the heavy weight of his parent’s high hopes and expectations on his shoulders, and his sense of duty and obligation has led to him spending his entire life in the temple. He’s extremely kind-hearted, and has a helpful, bright, and friendly demeanour, with a natural ability to put others at ease.

He’s loved by everyone, from the congregation, who look up to him as a role model (and admire his charm and good looks), to the local children, who love to hear his stories and see him as a big brother. However, he has a secret longing in his heart unbeknownst to those around him, and a desire to experience the pleasures of life outside the church.

There are currently four versions of Olivine for you to collect.

Version Element Class
SSR Olivine (Holy Confession) Light Healer
SSR Olivine (Aqua Bloom) Water Support
SR Olivine (Man of God) Light Support
R Olivine (Sacred Teacher) Wood Support
N Olivine (Priest) Dark Support

Nu Carnival Quincy

Nu Carnival Quincy

  • Birthday: September 14
  • Height: 190cm
  • Realm: Wood Territory
  • Voice actor: Oshima Tetsu

Quincy is a quiet and aloof man who resides deep in the forest. He possesses a great amount of essence, leading the forest tribes to consider him a threat – though, due to his preference for a solitary existence, this doesn’t really seem to bother him. He’s not much of a conversationalist, finding interactions with others and anything that puts him out of his way ‘troublesome’, but he shows a deep understanding of the ways of the woods, and clearly hides a caring nature beneath his stand-offish exterior.

He’s constantly accompanied by a small, mysterious creature, which looks similar to an all-white ferret or weasel. The creature rides Quincy’s shoulder wherever he goes, occasionally hopping down for food and gathering crumbs to hide in Quincy’s hair.

There are currently four versions of Quincy for you to collect.

Version Element Class
SSR Quincy (Ancient Ceremony) Wood Striker
SSR Quincy (Buckeye Miracle) Wood Guardian
SR Quincy (Forest Guardian) Wood Striker
R Quincy (Hermit) Water Striker
N Quincy (Outcast) Light Striker

Nu Carnival Kuya

Nu Carnival Kuya

  • Birthday: May 22
  • Height: 178cm
  • Realm: Wood Territory
  • Voice Actor: Yotsuya Cider

Kuya is a mystical fox spirit, revered by the beasts of the forests in the Wood Territory. Through many years of exposure to essence, Kuya has gradually taken on a human form, but still maintains his fox-like, sly, and mischievous nature.

Forever wearing a nefarious smile on his lips, Kuya fervently follows his heart’s every desire, and uses any method, no matter how immoral, to achieve his goals. He delights in manipulating his targets and using his knack for trickery and illusions to test their resolve. Above all, Kuya absolutely loathes the sensation of boredom.

There are currently four versions of Kuya for you to collect.

Version Element Class
SSR Kuya (Fallen Leaves) Dark Saboteur
SR Kuya (Foxy Rogue) Dark Saboteur
R Kuya (Enchanted Fox) Fire Saboteur
N Kuya (Fox Spirit) Wood Saboteur

Nu Carnival Garu

Nu Carnival Garu

  • Birthday: November 28
  • Height: 168cm
  • Realm: Dead Zone
  • Voice actor: Kuroi Isamu

Once a wild wolf spirit, Garu transformed into a man. Having lived most of his life in solitude out in the wilderness, he’s simple, unrefined, and pure of heart. He has never known the normalcy of family life, and his previous experiences of living from meal to meal have resulted in him placing great value on every scrap of food in the present.

When his homeland became a part of the dreaded Dead Zone, he began to follow an elderly wanderer, and quickly learnt how to think and speak like a human. However, when his companion passed away, he was worried about losing his ability to speak the human language, so he began to talk to himself for practice. During this time, in the face of the wild, unforgiving, and solitary conditions he endured, he somehow developed a second, entirely different personality.

There are currently four versions of Garu for you to collect.

Version Element Class
SSR Garu (Master’s Gift) Dark Striker
SR Garu (Wild Wolf) Dark Striker
R Garu (Human Conquerer) Light Striker
N Garu (Wolf Pup) Water Striker


Nu Carnival character Blade

Nu Carnival Blade

  • Birthday: February 2
  • Height: 180cm
  • Realm: Dead Zone
  • Voice actor: Hokki Nimaigai

The first Nu Carnival character to be added after release, Blade came out along with chapter eight of the main story. He’s an e-droid from an unknown land who dutifully carries out missions from his home deep within the Dead Zone. While he’s a powerful fighter, he has an innocent and almost childlike personality, and has no filter when it comes to expressing his thoughts and feelings.

He has a passion for all things he deems ‘cute’, and loves reading a variety of strange books to help him learn about human knowledge and emotions. While his understanding of ‘essence collection’ is a little unorthodox at the moment, he appears to have some lustful desires beneath that adorable exterior.

There are currently four versions of Blade for you to collect.

Version Element Class
SSR Blade (Explosive Recall) Light Striker
SR Blade (E-Droid) Light Striker
R Blade (Mystic Humanoid) Water Striker
N Blade (Pure Machine) Wood Striker

Nu Carnival Dante

Nu Carnival Dante Dante

  • Birthday: September 8
  • Height: 184cm
  • Realm: Fire Territory

The ruling Sun Lord of Solaria, this hottie was pushed to take on this high ranking position at a young age due to his parents’ untimely deaths. He’s since grown into a strong-willed yet generous strategist, who has fiercely protected the Fire Territory from the threat of the ever-spreading Dead Zone.

Swift, decisive, and extremely confident in his own physical abilities, he places high importance on the strengths and weaknesses of others.

Here are the different versions of Dante you can collect.

Version Element Class
SSR Dante (Blazing Coliseum) Fire Guardian
SR Dante (Sun Lord) Fire Striker
R Dante (Vernal Successor) Dark Striker
N Dante (Ruler) Light Striker

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