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Ocarina of Time songs

Let’s get into the ocarina flow. The legendary title features a variety of musical tracks, so we’re breaking them all down in our Ocarina of Time songs guide.

Ocarina of Time songs: key art shows Link sat on a wall, playing the Ocarina

The Legend of Zelda series is synonymous with dungeons, wild weapons, and pointy green hats. But even more so, a defining feature of the series is a wide variety of musical instruments, wolf howls, and an iconic library of songs. Never are these songs more integral to a game than in the first N64 title, so we’re diving into the Ocarina of Time songs in this guide.

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Let’s gallop across the fields of Hyrule, and get stuck into our Ocarina of Time songs guide.

Ocarina of Time songs: Link stands in Hyrule field playing the ocarina

Zelda’s Lullaby 

The song Zelda’s Lullaby is available to learn shortly after arriving at Hyrule Castle and meeting Princess Zelda. Impa teaches Link the song, and it mostly serves as a focus in the story of Ocarina of Time. However, if Link plays the song at Gossip Stones and locations where Navi turns green it provides additional support, as items like fairies appear.

  • Nintendo 64 – c-left, c-up, c-right, c-left, c-up, c-right
  • Nintendo 3DS – x, a, y, x, a, y

Epona’s Song 

Malon teaches Link Epona’s Song at Lon Lon Ranch, though this quest is entirely optional. If Link play’s Epona’s Song, it summons the titular horse to Link’s location. Meanwhile, playing Epona’s Song next to a cow will reward you with Lon Lon Milk.

  • Nintendo 64 – c-up, c-left, c-right, c-up, c-left, c-right
  • Nintendo 3DS – a, x, y, a, x, y

Saria’s Song 

Once you’ve met Princess Zelda, Saria is waiting to teach Link Saria’s Song somewhere in the depths of the Lost Woods. The song is integral to the story, as playing it to Darunia rewards you with the Goron’s Bracelet. Next, playing it to Mido in the Lost Woods opens the path to the Forest Temple. The song is also great for giving you tips, as when Link plays Saria’s Song it connects him to either Saria or Navi, both of whom give clues as to the next task or location.

  • Nintendo 64 – c-down, c-right, c-left, c-down, c-right, c-left
  • Nintendo 3DS – r, y, x, r, y, x

Ocarina of Time songs: Link stands in the Lost Woods speaking to Saria

Sun’s Song 

Link finds the Sun’s Song in the Kakariko Village Graveyard, within the Royal Family’s Tomb. The Sun’s Song allows Link to control the time of day, an ability essential to several major quests. The song also freezes the enemies Redeads and Gibdos, giving Link extra time to attack. Finally, when in dungeons, if Navi turns green, then playing the Sun’s Song awards you with a fairy.

  • Nintendo 64 – c-right, c-down, c-up, c-right, c-down, c-up
  • Nintendo 3DS – y, r, a, y, r, a

Song of Time 

Once you progress through the story enough to collect the three spiritual stones, head towards Hyrule Castle market drawbridge. Here, a cutscene plays and Zelda teaches Link the Song of Time. The song of time opens the door of time, allowing you to grab the Master Sword. It is also essential to move time blocks in later dungeons.

  • Nintendo 64 – c-right, a, c-down, c-right, a, c-down
  • Nintendo 3DS – y, l, r, y, l, r

Song of Storms 

After unlocking adult Link, head to the Phonogram Man. This song allows Link to reach the bottom of the well as a child. It is also (subjectively) the best song in the game.

  • Nintendo 64 – a, down-c, up-c, a, down-c, up-c
  • Nintendo 3DS – l, r, a, l, r, a

Scarecrow’s Song 

The Scarecrow’s Song is a unique song, as you choose the notes that comprise it. Several moments in the game allow you to play the song to summon the scarecrow Pierre, allowing Link to hookshot onto him to reach certain areas.

Ocarina of Time songs: Link stands on a warp point, getting ready to travel to a different location

Ocarina of Time warp songs

The following songs allow Link to warp back to certain locations after reaching them, specifically the triforce pedestals outside each dungeon, and the Temple of Time.

Minuet of Forest – Sacred Forest Meadow 

  • Nintendo 64 – a, c-up, c-left, c-right, c-left, c-right
  • Nintendo 3DS – l, a, x, y, x, y

Bolero of Fire – Death Mountain Crater 

  • Nintendo 64 – c-down, a, c-down, a c-right, c-down, c-right, c-down
  • Nintendo 3DS – r, l, r, l, y, r, y, r

Serenade of Water – Lake Hylia 

  • Nintendo 64 – a, c-down, c-right, c-right, c-left
  • Nintendo 3DS – l, r, y, y, x,

Nocturne of Shadow – Kakariko Village Graveyard 

  • Nintendo 64 – c-left, c-right, c-right, a, c-left, c-right, c-down
  • Nintendo 3DS – x, y, y, l, x, y, r

Requiem of Spirit – Desert Colossus 

  • Nintendo 64 – a, c-down, a, c-right, c-down, a
  • Nintendo 3DS – l, r, l, y, r, l,

Prelude of Light – Temple of Time 

  • Nintendo 64 – c-up, c-right, c-up, c-right, c-left, c-up
  • Nintendo 3DS – a, y, a, y, x, a
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Alright folks, that’s all we have for our Ocarina of Time songs guide today. Hopefully you’re tooting away on the instrument with all the songs you need, but if you want even more Zelda goodness in your life, be sure to check out our guide to the best games like Zelda on Switch.