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Omega Strikers update brings a new tackling trickster to the game

There’s a new Omega Strikers update out, bringing a plethora of fresh content including a prankster striker, a chaotic game mode, and much more.

Screenshot of Finii in her top hat for Omega Strikers update news

There’s an Omega Strikers update for Odyssey Interactive’s high-octane future sports title, bringing with it plenty of fresh content. There are new maps, emotes, titles, and even an unseen character for our Omega Strikers tier list causing havoc across the field of play.

The latest Omega Strikers update, known as Hi-Tea Hijinks, introduces Finii, the Tenacious Trickster. While the developers initially set an in-game challenge for the community to figure out Finii’s identity, it took much less time than anticipated, with an answer arriving after less than two hours of the goal appearing online. Still, now we know what we’re dealing with, we’re excited to put our best foot forward with Finii.

Outside of Fini’s arrival, the big deal for this Omega Strikers update is the new game mode. In Rotating Goal mode, you play across a selection of beverage-inspired arenas – yes, I said beverage-inspired, like matcha, taro, and milk tea – with multiple character buffs to dial up the chaos. There’s no character better suited to this mayhem than Finii, so why not try out the fresh game mode with a dazzling new character?

Of course, a new update also means new quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. You can check out the full patch notes over at the official Omega Strikers Steam community page. Or, see what Finii brings to the table, or the arena, in the trailer below.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the latest Omega Strikers update. For more engaging sports titles, check out our picks for the best baseball games, basketball games, golf games, and tennis games.