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Omega Strikers tier list

Our Omega Strikers tier list is breaking down the best ball-slingers in the game, so you know exactly who to add to your team. Choose your next striker now.

Omega Strikers tier list: several characters from Omega Strikers appear next to each other

If you’re on the hunt for an Omega Strikers tier list, we have you covered. The exciting free-to-play title features thrilling 3v3 ‘footbrawler’ gameplay, as you choose from a selection of different Strikers to beat your opponents. Of course, not all Strikers are made equal, so we’re breaking down the best of the bunch in this full guide. Back of the net!

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Let’s get into our Omega Strikers tier list.

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Omega Strikers tier list

We’re still getting to grips with Omega Strikers at the moment, as the title is still new, so this tier list is subject to change. We’re likely to shuffle this as we spend more time with the title and expect regular updates if and when new characters are introduced.

Tiers Strikers
S Kai, Julette, Asher, Vyce, Ai.Mi
A Atlas, Dubu, Rune, X
B Zentaro, Era, Estelle, Rasmus
C Drek’Ar, Luna, Juno

That’s all we have for our Omega Strikers tier list for now folks, but check back for updates as new characters appear. For even more great guides, be sure to check out our articles on Honkai Star Rail events and Honkai Star Rail wanted posters.