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One Punch Man World tier list and reroll guide

Our complete OPM world tier list tells you everything you need to know about which characters are worth playing as, with crucial information about rerolls.

One Punch Man World saitama with fist extended

We’ve been waiting for One Punch Man: World for what feels like an eternity, desperate for the full release of this open-world mobile-compatible adventure. In this game, the success of your journey (while having the most fun possible) hinges on assembling a team of the most formidable fighters. Wondering which heroes pack the most punch and which will leave you longing for more? Look no further! We’ve compiled a comprehensive One Punch Man: World tier list to guide you to help you sail through the battles to come.

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One Punch Man: World tier list

Here’s our full OPM World tier list. Bear in mind that there are a lot of factors that go into creating a tier list, including personal preferences. What works for us, might not work for you. Still, with that being said, we’re confident that our ranking will put you in a good position to annihilate your opposition.

Tier One Punch Man World character
S Genos (arms mode), Saitama (dreamworld), Speed-O’-Sound Sonic (prisoner)
A Atomic Samurai, King, Mumen Rider
B Genos (default), Lightning Max, Saitama (job hunting)
C Golden Ball, Stinger
D Smile Man, Triple-Staff Lily

S-tier OPM World characters:

Genos (arms mode)

Genos is a fan favorite for a good reason, and that’s reflected in his immense power – in arms mode – and position in our OPM World tier list. Here, he brings unparalleled devastation to the battlefield with his fiery attacks and relentless firepower. He’s a top pick for you, no matter the in-game situation.

Saitama (dreamworld)

Anyone familiar with One Punch Man knows that Saitama stands as the pinnacle of physical strength. He’s the ultimate powerhouse, taking out your enemies with a single blow. If you’re not including Saitama in your team, why are you even playing One Punch Man: World?!

Speed-O’-Sound Sonic (prisoner)

With lightning-fast reflexes and deadly precision, you can’t go wrong with Speed-O’-Sound Sonic. His agility and cunning make him a force to be reckoned with.

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A-tier OPM World characters

Atomic Samurai

Does Atomic Samurai have the coolest name in One Punch Man World? Yes. Is he a master of the art of combat? Also, yes. Atomic Samurai fights with unmatched precision, and his skill makes him a more-than-worthy addition to any line-up.


With his unparalleled courage and unwavering resolve, you’ll want King in your comp for his ability to inspire allies and intimidate enemies. He’s a master of strategy and an overall elite choice.

Mumen Rider

Mumen Rider is one of the true heroes in the world of One Punch Man: he’s selfless, dedicated, and willing to sacrifice. He’s a symbol of resilience, and you absolutely want him on your side.

B-tier OPM Wolrd characters

Genos (default)

While not as formidable as the arms mode version of the character, Genos’ default mode is still a solid pick for your team and Saitama’s most devoted friend remains a potent force on the battlefield, whatever the situation.

Lightning Max

Speed and lightning-quick reflexes are the name of the game here, making Lightning Max a versatile and clever pick. He mightn’t have the best defense, but his agility and precision make up for that; you’ll have a tough time trying to catch him, that’s for sure. Plus, you get a free copy of him as soon as you start the game, so he’s a great F2P option.

Saitama (job hunting)

Obviously, Saitama in a suit, looking for a job, isn’t quite as powerful or useful as the superior version of the character. But there’s no denying the character’s sheer strength. You can never really go wrong with Saitama.

C-tier OPM World characters

Golden Ball

If you’re looking for raw power, you’re not going to find it with Golden Ball. But, he is careful and precise, and a valuable asset in the right hands.


Like Golden Ball, Stinger has razor-sharp precision and great reflexes, but could potentially let you down in a long, challenging battle. If you’re facing the toughest opponents, it might be time to put Stinger aside for one of the other heroes.

D-tier OPM World characters

Smile Man

With his infectious optimism, we really want to tell you that Smile Man is a good addition to your team. But he isn’t. He’s a lackluster choice, and nearly any other character will make a bigger impact for you, and be more useful. Sorry, Smile Man.

Triple-Staff Lily

If this tier-list was based on charm and enthusiasm Triple-Staff Lily would rank near the top. But it isn’t. Sadly, Triple-Staff Lily just falls short across all metrics, and lacks the versatility of most other characters too. For now, you’re best off avoiding her.

One Punch Man World saitama jumping away from explosion

Can I perform a One Punch Man World reroll?

Now, you’re going to want to find those S and A-tier characters to join your team so that you can start strong. The game has a quite unique reroll system on its beginner banner, which lets you repeatedly roll and reroll for characters – though this does come at the cost of premium currency. Of course, our recommendation is that you should focus on securing the characters who rank highly on our list.

With that in mind though, some players and YouTubers have been complaining about how long it takes to perform a full account reroll, suggesting that it could take well over an hour before you land on a character you want, thanks to both the length of the introduction levels and the extremely low drop rate on SSR characters. That calls into question how useful the reroll system is right now, and you might prefer to spend that time just playing the game.

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