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Order and Chaos: Guardians to launch in 2024 as Genshin alternative

Almost a decade after the previous game in the franchise, Order and Chaos: Guardians will launch later this year as an immersive RPG on mobile.

Order and Chaos Guardians characters from reveal trailer

The Order and Chaos mobile franchise is returning with a bombastic bang as NetEase Games, in partnership with Gameloft, announced the newest addition to its beloved RPG series with the upcoming Order & Chaos: Guardians. A follow-up to the WoW-like 2011 mobile game Order & Chaos and its 2015 sequel, this new title aims to revitalize the franchise, building on the series’ reputation for expanding the possibilities of mobile gaming.

Set to begin its beta phase imminently on January 24th, 2024, Order & Chaos: Guardians is initially available exclusively on Android devices through the Google Play Store in select regions. The game will then have a broader release on both the iOS App Store and Google Play later in 2024, and for anyone who wants to keep themselves at the forefront of the best mobile games, you can pre-register right now via the official website.

Like its predecessors, Order & Chaos: Guardians makes use of familiar team-based RPG mechanics, inviting you to return to Arkland to unravel a fantastical conspiracy with other players. You’ll form parties composed of diverse characters, including mages, rangers, beasts, and warriors, and each class and race brings unique attributes to the table. This variation creates a depth of gameplay, and mastering team assembly is a core part of the system.

Promising wonderful art design, animations, and even a pet system, Order and Chaos: Guardians hopes to position itself as a key player in the mobile RPG space. And, for any mobile gamers looking for the best games like Genshin Impact, Order & Chaos Guardians will inevitably come to the surface as an accessible and immersive alternative experience. After all, as Genshin Impact continues to show, the appetite for such games is nearly endless as mobile gamers increasingly expect more and more from their handheld RPGs. Expect Order and Chaos: Guardians to make a big splash, roping players familiar with the franchise back in and finding new audiences too.

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