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Space game Our Planet brings the No Man’s Sky experience to mobile

Tencent released a new trailer showcasing Our Planet for mobile devices

Exploring a green planet

Our Planet is a sci-fi exploration title with sandbox elements that is currently in development at Wumai Technology. The No Man’s Sky-inspired game was first unveiled over the weekend as part of Tencent’s latest showcase.

The sci-fi title is the latest in a long line of impressive Unreal Engine 4 releases for mobile, as evidenced by its beautiful aesthetic. Fans of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky will feel right at home as you explore new planets filled to the brim with alien life. From the trailer, it would appear as though you can interact with the creatures that you find, going so far as to ride certain species.

You must search high and low, be it on land or beneath the ocean. There seem to be many places for you to explore, including luscious forests, beautiful waters, and mountain ranges – all of which appear to offer different experiences. For example, you can snowboard down snowy mountains or use a jetpack to explore the heights of other environments.

You can also look forward to travelling through space in a cute-looking ship as you move in between planets.

Precise details about Our Planet are a little light at this time, though we do know that it is currently only confirmed for mobile devices. The Our Planet release date is also unknown.

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