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Eve Echoes race - the best starting factions

Find out all the details on which Eve Echoes race is best

Starting out in Eve Echoes is a pretty overwhelming experience, and the choice around which Eve Echoes race to choose is just another part of that. It’s hard to choose a race when you don’t know New Eden yet, or any of the people who live there. But that’s why we decided to create an Eve Echoes race guide: to make that first choice a little easier, so you can get playing and have fun in New Eden.

Which Eve Echoes race you choose affects a variety of things, such as which ships you start with, and the specialist equipment you have access to initially. It also determines where in space you begin, but in a place as big as New Eden, that won’t matter so much during the beginning, since you’ll still have the same opportunities as everyone else.

In the end, the best way to choose an Eve Echoes race is just to learn about them and see what clicks. If you find this article helpful, be sure to see our Eve Echoes review for more thoughts on the game, or our Eve Echoes guide, which helps with those tough early game choices! We also have an Eve Echoes mining guide for making money, and an Eve Echoes Omega guide, explaining the game’s subscription pass!

here is every eve echoes race:


‘There is one god’

The Amarr belong to the oldest and largest Empire in New Eden – a theocratic society that is deeply religious. They also have the most powerful military, and are slavers. Here are their starting specialties:

  • Laser: instant EM and thermal damage
  • Drone: remote craft with various functions
  • Armor: easy-to-repair defence

There are also three groups among the empire, and here’s the lowdown for each:

Amarr – politicians

  • Males are politically-minded and experts at planning
  • Females are the pillar of Amarr family and believe in hierarchy

Ni-Kunni – traders

  • Males are sly and cunning
  • Females are charming yet suspicious

Khanid – warriors

  • Males have a martial lifestyle
  • Females are fiercely independent

Do you enjoy dominating those weaker that you? Sounds like you’re Amarr at heart

A Gallente start screen with their insignia and a frigate


‘Freedom is priceless’

The Gallente Federation are a freedom-loving group of the best leaders, scientists, and businessmen in modern history. They welcome immigration and prize equality above any other faction. Here are their starting benefits:

  • Railgun: instant kinetic and thermal damage
  • Drone: remote craft with various functions
  • Armor: easy-to-repair defence

There are also three groups among the federation, and here’s each of them:

Gallente – freedom fighters

  • Males are ambitious and driven
  • Females are hard working and life-loving

Intaki – thinkers

  • Males are methodical and reserved
  • Females are contemplative and creative

Jin-Mei – social climbers

  • Males hate change, unless it guarantees advancement
  • Females are risk-takers and receptive to change

Do you love freedom so much that it hurts sometimes? Then you’re definitely Gallente

A Caldari start screen with info about the faction and a frigate


‘Order, loyalty, responsibility’

The Caldari State are a corporate dictatorship, favouring ruthlessness, efficiency, and patriotism. Here’s what they with:

  • Railgun: instant kinetic and thermal damage
  • Missiles: delayed impact with powerful damage
  • Shield: quickly rechargeable defence system with power cost

There are also three groups among the state, and here’s each:

Deteis – authoritarians

  • Males are strategic thinkers and rule followers
  • Females are composed and no-nonsense

Civire – competitives

  • Males work hard and have a strong moral code
  • Females are self-disciplined and strive for excellence

Achura – introverts

  • Males are meditative and objective
  • Females are teachers, mentors, and philosophers

Do you believe in duty and discipline? The Caldari State may be a good fit

A Minmatar start screen with a frigate and info about the faction


‘Never give in’

The Minmatar Republic are essentially space nomads, and while they retain their own space, many live throughout other parts of New Eden. Here’s how they start:

  • Cannon: a weapon than doesn’t require power
  • Shield: quickly rechargeable defence system with power cost
  • Armor: easy-to-repair defence

There are also three groups among the republic, and here’s info about them:

Sebiestor – engineers

  • Males are passionate thinkers and machine enthusiasts
  • Females are kind and intelligent with a talent for mathematics

Brutor – humble beginnings

  • Males are strong and determined
  • Females have a dominant streak and generally succeed

Vherokior – everyman

  • Males are quick-witted and astute
  • Females are shrewd minded with an excellent sense of intuition

Do you identity with the Quarians in Mass Effect? Then a Minmatar nomad may be for you

which is the best eve echoes race to choose?

Race in Eve Echoes is super subjective, but you can’t go wrong if you pick based on the starting benefits. It’s also important to remember that Eve Echoes is still an RPG, and so roleplaying a character is an option.

If you pick a race and a sub-faction based on your personal sci-fi interests, or because their society sounds cool, chances are you’re going to enjoy playing as that race. You will also upgrade to a different ship very quickly, and other faction ships are available on the market, so that’s less of a concern. So while there are different starting benefits, we recommend choosing based upon which race you like the sounds of.

A warping frigate heads towards a planet

If you want to download Eve Echoes for yourself, you can find it on Google Play and the App Store. Be sure to see our list of the best mobile MMORPGs for more games like Eve!