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Overwatch 2 queues mar the hero shooter’s Nintendo Switch launch

With tens of thousands of people joining Overwatch 2’s queue to give Blizzard’s new hero shooter a go, it’s not been the smoothest launch on the Nintendo Switch

A picture of Junker Queen, a character from Overwatch, screaming (to represent anger at the Overwatch 2 queues). She is a muscular woman in ragged clothing like a Mad Max character, she has a blue Mohawk, a shotgun-type weapon with DIY attachments, and spiky shoulder pads.

Overwatch 2’s launch has been a wobbly one at best, with multiple server issues across all platforms following DDoS attacks. This led to long queues to get into the game, server crashes, and many more issues for people jumping into Blizzard’s sequel to 2016’s classic hero shooter the hour it went live.

These Overwatch 2 queues had tens of thousands of people in them, leading many to express their annoyance online. Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment, tweeted an update on the issues: “we are experiencing a mass DDoS attack on our servers. Teams are working hard to mitigate/manage. This is causing a lot of drop/connection issues.”

In my own time attempting to get a game going, I saw 20,000-person queues, server disconnects, and even the queue jumping to zero people at one point. It took until the morning after for me to get into a game, with queues now down in the double digits – a much more reasonable proposition.

What are the Overwatch 2 queue times?

Depending on the server you’re trying to access, the Overwatch 2 queues can vary in length. While there were as many as 30k players queuing immediately after launch, this seems to have calmed down a lot, with one queue for the European server being a matter of minutes.

If you’re the patient type ready to deal with the Overwatch 2 queues, we’ve got guides to Overwatch 2 characters, Overwatch 2 maps, and Overwatch 2 skins to get you up to speed.