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Persona 5 The Phantom X mobile game is happening, this is not a drill

Head back to the Metaverse and grab a cuppa from LeBlanc in Persona: Phantom of the Night, announced for mobile and hopefully coming soon.

Persona 5 mobile game: a protagonist standing in tokyo

Perfect World Games announced a Persona mobile game – Persona: Phantom of the Night (P5X) – and I’m having a hard time containing my excitement. It looks like a new protagonist and cast descend on Yongen Jaya to continue their adventures in a familiar area.

An official account for the new game is live on Weibo, calling the game Persona 5: The Phantom X. It’s set to be a free-to-play mobile RPG made by Atlus and Sega, brought to mobile by Perfect World Games. Its initial release is to be in China on Android, iOS, and PC. Currently, there aren’t any hints as to a worldwide release, but hopefully, we’ll see it sooner rather than later.

There’s an official site, so we know it is truly happening and we’re not in a collective fever dream. In fact, there’s another secret site where we can chill in LeBlanc for a while! But it’s a Chinese site, so I can’t figure out the crossword puzzle, sadly.

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The artwork and character design perfectly carry over from Persona 5 Royal and Strikers, and continue our favourite aspects with a return to Mementos, collecting Personas, and getting to know our friends. The original Phantom Thieves are said to make an appearance as well. Also, our animal friend this time around is an owl that can turn into a mech-type of Persona.

Persona 5 mobile game: the phantom thieves and new character

Some lucky players have the chance to jump into P5X on March 29, though applications are likely to continue after that date. We hope to get our hands on it as soon as possible and see what’s going down in Shibuya.

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