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This Pokémon BDSP Mystery Gift is only available until end of the month

If you've not yet played Pokémon BDSP, now would be the time to buy it so that you don't miss out on Oak's Letter and the ensuing content.

Oak and the trainer encounter a Shaymin in the Oak's Letter content.

Yesterday, we all got to enjoy a new Pokémon Presents, with the biggest news being that Gen IX has now been confirmed. While this was awfully exciting, we also got some pretty exciting updates about several existing Pokémon games, including Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, which were revealed to be getting a story-based Mystery Gift next month.

The Pokémon BDSP Mystery Gift in question was Oak’s Letter, a Key Item that was planned for distribution amongst owners of the original DS game, but never released. It lets you meet Professor Oak on Route 224, which then enables you to access Seabreak Path and Flower Paradise, where the legendary Pokémon Shaymin can be encountered and caught. It’s pleasing to see that this bit of post-game content has finally been made available.

But here’s the twist. As Oak’s Letter is only available via the game’s Mystery Gift function, it’s only going to be available for a limited period of time. In fact, if you don’t play the game before March 27, you’ll completely miss out on the opportunity to access this portion of the story.

Though unconfirmed at this time, it’s highly likely that this will be followed by the distribution of two other Mystery Gifts later in the year. One of these is the Member Key, which allows you to enter the mysterious Harbour Inn in Canalave City. Once inside, it starts off a creepy little storyline that involves visiting Newmoon Island where they can catch the pitch-black nightmare Pokémon, Darkrai.

The other Mystery Gift that players can expect is the Azure Flute. Fans who have played Pokémon Legends: Arceus will remember that in that game, it was part of the process of how to get Arceus and here, it’s exactly the same. At Spear Pillar at the top of Mt. Coronet, the Azure Flute opens the stairway to the Hall of Origin, where Arceus resides.

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That’s three cool parts of the endgame which you might never be able to access if you don’t get the game soon. As we said, so far, only Oak’s Letter has been confirmed, but it’s highly likely that the other items will be distributed through the Mystery Gift function throughout the year and, at very least, if you don’t play the game before March 27, you’ve definitely missed out on the content that Oak’s Letter unlocks.

Though it is unfortunate that these are only temporarily available, they’re all very enjoyable additions to the story, and Pokémon completionists certainly won’t want to miss out. So if you’ve not yet bought Pokémon BDSP, we recommend you do so now.

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