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Pokémon Funko Pop line gets three new additions tomorrow

The ninth wave of Pokémon Funko Pop figures includes the fan favourites: Alakazam, Lucario, and Sylveon - all of which will become available March 15th

Pokémon Funko Pop figures of Sylveon, Alakazam and Lucario on a white background

In Pokémon, the goal is to catch ‘em all, which is quite similar to the goal of Funko Pop collectors, so it only makes sense that there are Pokémon Funko Pop figures. Funko has been periodically releasing new Pocket Monsters in their signature style and March 15th will see the release of three new figures for their ninth wave.

Tomorrow, Alakazam, Sylveon and Lucario will all find themselves immortalised as Funko Pop vinyl figures. Whether you’ve already got all of the other Pokémon Funko Pops, or have always planned to start your collection, these three could be a great place to start – especially if you happen to have a soft spot for these particular Pokémon.

It’s nice to see a nice selection of Pokémon from different generations here, because in the early days it seems as though they were focusing almost exclusively on Generation I, but that certainly isn’t the case now. Gosh, imagine if we one day live in a world where every Pokémon has been turned into a Funko Pop figure. I’d love to see their take on Garbodor.

Here’s a look at each of the new ones:


Alakazam Pokémon Funko Pop

Alakazam is definitely amongst the most popular of the Gen I Pokémon, perhaps partly because of the fact that Psychic types were much more powerful back then, or perhaps because Alakazam just looks pretty cool. Of course, you did have to have a friend to trade with if you wanted an Alakazam back then, but not now – you can just buy him outright. No trading required.


Lucario Pokémon Funko Pop

This Gen IV Pokémon stepped into the limelight when it was the star of the eighth Pokémon movie (Lucario and the Mystery of Mew) and then again when he made his debut as a fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series (starting with Super Smash Bros. Brawl). This Fighting/Steel type Pokémon is another one that just looks awesome and it’s easy to see how it has so many fans. (PS: check out where we put Lucario on our Smash Bros. tier list.)


Sylveon Pokémon Funko Pop

It’s strange to think that back in 2013, Fairy-type was a completely new concept that completely changed the dynamics of Pokémon battles, but today we readily accept it as the norm. Sylveon stands as the most recent ‘eeveelution’ and has the proud distinction of being among the first Fairy-type Pokémon the world ever saw. It seems fitting, then, that Sylveon has been granted its own Funko Pop figure.

Do you think you’ll be buying any of these three? They’d all look pretty awesome on a desk, gaming shelf or anywhere else you might want to display them. If you want more Pokémon content, check out our guide to all the Pokémon games on Switch and our Pokemon Legends: Arceus review (that’s a game you should definitely check out).