Hunt down Pokémon Go’s Kecleon as it finally arrives in game

Trainers have been anticipating Kecleon in Pokémon Go for some time, and finally their wish has been granted as the Colour Change Pokémon reveals itself

Pokemon Go Kecleon: Kecleon's official artwork with a white glowing border, pasted over a blurred screenshot of the Pokemon Go overworld map.

Kecleon has finally arrived in Pokémon Go today following the end of the Chespin Community Day event on January 7. Fans had expected the chameleon Pokémon to join the game at some point in 2023, and they were right.

Unlike other Pokémon in Pokémon Go, Kecleon will only spawn on Pokéstops, rather than on the overworld map. It’s a rare spawn, so you might need to hunt around the Pokéstops in your area to find one for yourself.

When you interact with the Pokéstop, a message will appear telling you that an ‘invisible obstacle’ is in the way. Spinning the Pokéstop will reveal the Kecleon and let you interact with it on the map, and catch it like normal.

Kecleon is a normal-type Pokémon with a max CP of 2314, so it’s not the most competitively viable Pokémon, but will be sought after by players looking to catch ‘em all.

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That’s everything we know about Kecleon coming to Pokémon Go. If you’re looking for some competitive tips, check out our guide to the best ground Pokémon in Pokémon Go, or grab yourself some free stuff with Pokémon Go promo codes.