Pokémon Go level 50: XP requirements, challenges, and how to level up

Here's how to level up past 40 in Pokémon Go - level 50 will be a challenge

Giratina rearing in a thunderstorm

For long-time players of Pokémon Go, level 50 has been nothing more than a pipedream for years. While it may not sound like a lot, the current level cap sits at level 40, and only an elite and dedicated subsection of players ever reach that cap. After that, they can continue earning experience and catching Pokémon, but leveling just stops.

It’s much like training your Pikachu up to level 100 in the main series games. But in Pokémon Go, level 50 is the new limit. It would be like Pokémon Sword and Shield turning around and saying that you can now train your lovely Pikachu up to level 125. Put simply: it’s game-changing. Everything will change, from Go Battle League metas to the best raid counters.

However, as well as just grinding out experience points – which is easier than ever to do now – trainers will have to complete challenges in order to level up from level 40 onwards. We already have a good idea of what those challenges will be, but we’ll also keep this page updated once we know the specifics.

Here’s how to level up in Pokémon Go: level 50 here we come!

Level (Legacy) 40

If you’re still not at Level 40, there are currently a bunch of XP bonuses to help you on your way. Try your best to get there before the end of 2020, and you’ll be classed as a Legacy 40 trainer – you’ll get a bunch of exclusive research tasks and a free Gyarados hat!

Niantic has also promised special Timed Research during December to help trainers level up.

Level 41

To reach level 41, you’ll need to catch a “high number” of Pokémon in one day – so use an incense or wait until Community Day to complete this. There will also be an XP requirement and other tasks.

Level 42

As well as earning more XP, Level 42’s requirements will see players evolve Eevee into every one of its available evolutions (try saying that five times fast). Stock up plenty of candy for this, as evolving into Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon is still random. However, with Kalos Pokémon arriving in Pokémon Go soon, we’re hoping to see Sylveon introduced with this challenge. You will also have challenges to use certain evolution items – we’re expecting Unova Stones and Sinnoh Stones to be very useful here.

Level 43

Getting to level 43 is all about battling in gyms. You’ll have to battle in a certain number of gyms and raids, as well as earn a certain number of platinum medals to advance. XP, as always, is also a requirement. However, you’ll also receive a surprise avatar item for completing this level, too!

Level 44

Now you’ve mastered battling Pokémon, to get to level 44 you’ll have to battle other trainers! Normal XP requirements still apply, and we expect some other tasks, too. Check back for more info as soon as we get it!

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Level 45

Level 45 is taking it back to Celadon City – yes, you’ll be fighting Team Rocket to progress this time around. We reckon there will be challenges involving taking on grunts, leaders, and Giovanni himself. You’ll also have to collect a boatload of XP, but there’s another surprise avatar item on offer at this stage, too.

Level 46

We already know exactly what requirements you’ll need to reach level 46:

  • Complete 100 Field Research tasks
  • Take a snapshot of a Pokémon 7 days in a row
  • Make 50 excellent throws
  • Hatch 30 eggs
  • Earn 15,500,000 XP

Yes, you read that right. Fifteen and a half million experience to level up to level 46. That’s nearly as much as it took to get to level 40 all over again!

Level 47

Here’s where things get really interesting: to progress to level 47, you’ll need to take on more raids. However, one challenge will force you to use “teams that meet certain qualifications,” whatever that could mean. Perhaps there will be CP limits or you can only use one type of Pokémon? We’re excited nonetheless, and don’t forget to hoard XP as usual!

Level 48

To reach level 48, we finally focus on our buddy Pokémon! If you’ve fostered great friendships throughout your journey, you shouldn’t have too many worries – but this level tests everything from how far you’ve walked together to the number of souvenirs you’ve collected. Another avatar item is on offer if you complete the tasks and XP requirements.

Level 49

Your friendships will be tested to reach level 49. Send gifts, get Lucky Pokémon, and complete other trading-related tasks to level up. We’re expecting humongous XP hauls at this stage.

Level 50

Level 50. The final level. For now… Niantic suggests that you need to be a Pokémon master to reach this level, so you’ll need to make obscene numbers of excellent throws, catch a bunch of legendary Pokémon, and defeat Team Go Rocket leaders with a team under 1,500CP! For your hard work, there’s another avatar item available – and it had better be worth our while.

The level redesign will premiere, as with most Pokémon Go innovations, in Australia – so we await feedback from players down under to see exactly what’s in store. We’ll keep this page updated with everything we know, as soon as we know it. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Pokémon Go event guide and check what’s currently in Pokémon Go raids to earn that XP.

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