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Pokémon Path to the Peak brings the TCG to the small screen

The new Pokémon Path to the Peak anime focuses on a young trainer and their path to become a TCG champion, and you can watch it now.

Pokemon Path to the Peak: a screenshot from a cartoon shows a young girl looking at pokemon cards

If you ever wanted to see a cartoon all about the Pokémon TCG, then the Pokémon Path to the Peak release is the answer to your prayers. This adorable new animated show is set in the real world, as a young girl called Ava moves to a new town and must make friends in a new school. It already has us wanting to buy some Pokémon cards, or at least some new Pokémon toys.

Pokémon is releasing this latest venture as a web cartoon, and one episode is already live on the Official Pokémon YouTube account. The first episode sees Ava meeting a bunch of new friends, gaining her Oddish card, and even a remarkably easy-to-understand breakdown of the TCG rules. This is clearly designed to ease kids into the card game, and it’s doing a great job.

While we don’t know when Pokémon is planning to release more episodes, the time between announcement and release has been surprisingly short. We’re hoping that more episodes appear sooner rather than later, especially after the quality of the first one. Plus, there’s something weird but quite lovely about seeing a cartoon show in the real world but still all about Pokémon.

If you want to watch the first Pokémon Path to the Peak episode for yourself, you can do so below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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