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Best Pokémon toys - pick up a Pikachu today

Are you a Poke-maniac? Give the Pokémon fan in your life something special, with our guide to the best Pokémon toys you can buy in 2022

Pokemon toys: several different Pokémon toys are shown

It’s no secret that we love Pokémon toys. The monster-catching series has been a cultural behemoth since the late 90s, and to say we’ve picked up a couple of plushies along the way would be an understatement. Honestly, my loft looks like Professor Oak’s ranch, and it’s only going to get worse.

If you have a huge Pokémon fan in your life, or just want to treat yourself, you may want to know what the best Pokémon toys you can buy right now are? The Pokémon Company are always happy to sell us some new merch, and every Pokémon from Arceus to Zygarde has some sort of figure you can buy. We’re not listing them all here, though. We have things to do later (play more Pokémon).

If you just can’t get enough of Pokémon like Rockruff, why not check out our guides to the many different Pokémon videogames as well. We’ve got plenty of content, such as a Pokémon Unite Garchomp build, our Pokémon Unite tier list, and our Pokémon Unite special attack guide.

Here’s our guide to the best Pokémon toys you can buy right now!

Pokemon toys: a set of pokemon trading cards

Pokémon Trading Card Game

If you’ve been on the Pokémon train since the 90s, you’ll almost certainly have a few of these stashed away in the drawer somewhere. Well, thanks to a huge boost in popularity due to some successful Youtubers and plenty of new releases, the Pokémon Trading Card Game has never been bigger, and there’s so much choice for eager fans out there.

Recent sets, like the Celebrations packs, look back on the history of the franchise, Vivid Voltage features some of the best new ‘mon from Pokémon Sword and Shield, and Fusion Strike has some of the best cards we’ve seen in years. There’s never been a better time to dive in, especially with the mobile app Pokémon TCG Live on the way at some point this year.

Pokemon toys: small Pokemon figures with cold dead eyes, they are Funko pops

Pokémon Funko Figures

I’m not the biggest fan of Funko pops. I think the beady little black eyes make human characters look dead inside, and they often lose a lot of charm. But, and stick with me here, the Pokémon Funko figures actually rule. The Funko figure style works really well with Pokémon, and teams on both sides clearly work hard to make sure our favourite Pocket Monsters get the representation they deserve. While Pikachu was always going to be the first, we now have a few of the classic starters and some Eevee evolutions among the cast, and it’s only going to continue to grow.

Pokemon toys: Pokemon monopoly is shown

Pokémon Monopoly

I mean, of course. At this point, I’m more surprised when series don’t have a version of Monopoly fashioned after them. Well, if you want to build up some cash, bully your family, and catch some Pokémon along the way, you can explore the Kanto region in this funky infusion of our favourite monster-catching series and the classic board game.

Pokemon toys: a Psyduck plush

Pokémon Plushes

Look, we just don’t have enough time in the day to list every Pokémon plush, so we’ve scoured the net for the best deals we can find. Below you’ll hopefully be able to pick up a new cuddly pal – Arceus knows there are enough to choose from. But if you find a Psyduck, leave him alone. He’s mine!

Pokemon toys: a charizard figure made of blocks

Pokémon Mega Construx

There’s something special about building your own figure, and Mega Construx allows you to do just that with your favourite poke-pals. With plenty of classic creatures to choose from, set aside an afternoon and build your very own Pikachu brick by brick.

Pokemon toys: a set of Pokemon battle figures

Pokémon Battle Figures

If you’re sick of cuddly things and just want to make Pokémon fight to the death (in your imagination, obviously), the Pokémon Battle Figure series features heaps of the cutest, scariest, or the most lovable Pokémon to ever grace Kanto. Make them fight, smooch, chuck them out the window to see if Pidgeot can fly, do what you want. Though don’t blame us if a wing falls off and mum won’t buy you another one.

There we have it, trainers, the best Pokémon toys you can get right now for the Charizard fanatic in your life. Obviously, it’s nowhere near everything, so be sure to check back for regular updates from the team, most likely after we’ve bought something for ourselves. If you’re still playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus, why not check out our Pokémon Legends: Arceus shiny guide to find out the best way to nab a critter with a different colour.