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Pokémon Unite tier list - every Pokémon ranked

Our Pokémon Unite tier list goes over the best Pokémon in each role, from all-rounders to supports, so you can be the very best in this Poké MOBA

Pokemon Unite tier list: the psychic Pokemon mewtwo appears against a blurred screenshot from Pokemon Unite

In Pokémon Unite, you can join trainers from across the globe to compete in some strategic 5v5 team battles, and if you’re struggling to work out which ‘mons to master, we’re here to help. Our Pokémon Unite tier list outlines which Pocket Monster is best overall, and also lets you know where they each rank in their role.

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Let’s get into our Pokémon Unite tier list.

Pokémon Unite tier list - a group of trainers and their Pokémon outside an arena

Overall Pokémon Unite tier list

Tier Pokémon
SS Gengar, Greninja, Sableye, Mimikyu, Zacian, Comfey, Leafeon, Mega Mewtwo X, Dragapult, Miraidon, Buzzwole, Dodrio
S Azumaril, Blissey, Cinderace, Delphox, Eldegoss, Gardevoir, Glaceon, Greedent, Meowscarda, Lucario, Machamp, Mamoswine, Mew, Mr. Mime, Scizor, Slowbro, Snorlax, Sylveon, Tsareena, Comfy, Umbreon, Blaziken, Mega Mewtwo Y, Crustle, Urshifu, Espeon, Blastoise, Zoroark, Metagross
A Absol, Aegislash, Alolan Ninetales, Gyarados Buzzwole, Charizard, Clefable, Decidueye, Dragonite, Garchomp, Pikachu, Lapras, Talonflame, Tyranitar, Venusaur, Wigglytuff, Goodra, Inteleon
B Trevenant, Zeraora
C Cramorant, Duraludon, Hoopa

Pokémon Unite tier list - Machomp standing in the arena

All-rounder Pokémon Unite tier list

All-rounder Pokémon have a healthy balance of offensive and defensive skills, making them very reliable fighters. If you’re thinking about trying out one of these Pokémon, our friends over at The Loadout can help with a guide full of all the best all-rounders.

Tier Pokémon
SS Scizor, Tsareena, Urshifu, Zacian, Mega Mewtwo X
S Azumarill, Lucario, Blaziken, Metagross
A Aegislash, Machamp, Tyranitar, Mimikyu
B Buzzwole, Charizard, Dragonite, Gyarados
C Garchomp

Pokémon Unite tier list - Pikachu on the battlefield

Attacker Pokémon Unite tier list

Attackers are powerful, damage-dealing Pokémon who excel when accompanied by a strong support unit that can enable them. Thanks to The Loadout, you can learn more about the best attackers.

Tier Pokémon
SS Pikachu, Venusaur, Mega Mewtwo Y, Miraidon, Chandelure
S Cinderace, Delphox, Dragapult, Gardevoir, Glaceon, Greninja, Sylveon, Inteleon
A Decidueye, Duraludon, Mew
B Alolan Ninetales, Espeon
C Cramorant

Pokémon Unite tier list - Greedant in the arena

Defender Pokémon Unite tier list

From Crustle to Snorlax, defenders are the tanks of Unite, who soak up damage and block or slow down their enemies. Our friends over at The Loadout can tell you even more about the best defenders in Pokémon Unite.

Tier Pokémon
SS Mamoswine, Snorlax
S Slowbro, Lapras, Goodra
A Blastoise, Trevenant
B Crustle, Umbreon
C Greedent

Pokémon Unite tier list - Zoroara on the battlefield

Speedster Pokémon Unite tier list

Speedsters are fast ‘mons who can whip across the map in the blink of an eye, making them brilliant junglers. Find out everything you need to know about Pokémon Unite’s best Speedsters over on The Loadout.

Tier Pokémon
SS Absol, Zoroark, Leafeon, Meowscarda
S Dodrio
A Gengar
B Talonflame
C Zeraora

Pokémon Unite tier list - Wifflytuff in the arena

Supporter Pokémon Unite tier list

As the name suggests, supporters excel at taking care of their allies by healing, buffing, and more. The Loadout can tell you all about the best supporters in Pokémon Unite.

Tier Pokémon
SS Blissey, Mr. Mime
S Clefable, Eldegoss
A Hoopa, Comfy, Wigglytuff
B Sableye

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