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Pokémon Unite introduces a premium subscription - prepare for trouble

Pokémon Unite players, get your poké-dollars ready, as new items and holowear will be available thanks to the new Pokémon Unite premium subscription.

Pokémon Unite premium subscription: key art shows Pokémon unite characters, and Pokémon wearing special outfits

I don’t think that we need a Pokémon Unite premium subscription, but here we are. In a game that’s already littered with microtransactions, virtual fashion items that cost more than a regular game in some cases, and an existing battle pass already… it feels a little gross to also slap on a subscription model.

But, alongside announcing the details of the next battle pass (thanks to Serebii for the information), developer TiMi has confirmed a Pokémon Unite premium subscription. Costing ¥1150 each month (no other prices are available right now, but that’s roughly $9/£7) the subscription offers you a special holowear of the month, two free unite licence trials, two holowear licence trials, new chat balloons, 10% discount on trainer fashion, and 40 gems every day.

From the sounds of it, this subscription allows you to pay money to try out a few things, and gives you a discount when you want to spend more money. If you spend enough money in Pokémon Unite that spending $9/£7 to get a 10% discount is economical, then we’re a bit worried about you. We love Pokémon Unite here, so we hope if this does go ahead, that we at least see some more value added to the service.

While we wait for more details on the upcoming Pokémon Unite battle pass, you can watch the trailer for the previous battle pass to get an idea of the content to expect.

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What’s included in the Pokémon Unite premium subscription?

With thanks to Serebii for the information, users who pay for the Pokemon Unite membership will receive a special Holowear of the month, two free UNITE license trials, two holowear license trials a week, new chat balloons for members, 10% discount for trainer fashion, and 40 gems every day. First registration gets a Hoopa set fashion item as well.

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