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Pokémon Unite Hoopa build, items, and moves

Create a mythical MOBA monster with our guide to the best Pokémon Unite Hoopa build

Custom image of Hoopa key art over the Pokémon Unite stadium

Pokémon Unite has its first mythical contender, as Hoopa enters the fold. This gen six psychic/ghost-type is known for its devastating attack prowess in the main series, but functions in Pokémon Unite as a supporter. With its teleporting abilities, and as the first Pokémon Unite character to have a second form, the devious Hoopa has already been making mischief in the meta.

We’ve put together a Pokémon Unite Hoopa build guide so you don’t have to jump through hoops to get into the action with the malevolent ‘mon. Hoopa has one of the steepest learning curves of all the available fighters in Pokémon Unite, but it’s also one of the best utility options in the game if you can get your head around the playstyle. 

If you decide Hoopa isn’t for you after reading this, be sure to check out our Pokémon Unite tier list to see what other, more aggressive options might suit your playstyle. We’ve also got build lists for the best supporter characters in the PokéMOBA, including Pokémon Unite’s Eldegoss, Pokémon Unite’s Blissey, and Pokémon Unite’s Wigglytuff. Or, if you’re in need of a good ‘mon makeover for your preferred fighter, check out our Pokémon Unite skins guide.

Now, let’s get into our Pokémon Unite Hoopa build guide.

What are Pokémon Unite Hoopa’s moves? 

Hoopa promo art from Pokemon Unite trailer

Hoopa’s passive ability

Hoopa’s passive ability gives you quick access to berries to help you out in a pinch, while denying the enemy team resources. The action doesn’t have much utility in the later game, besides claiming back some aeos energy if you fall in battle, but it does give you a solid advantage in the early portion. 

Move name Attack type Description 
Magician  Passive This tricky ability teleports a berry from your opponent’s side of the field right into your lap. If no berries are left, it’ll swipe any unclaimed aeos energy on your enemy’s side of the field

Hoopa’s early game abilities 

Hoopa doesn’t stand out from the crowd all too much in the early game. Both astonish, and confusion help defend your positions due to their stunning and AoE damage effects, but won’t make a massive difference. You’re going to want to level up as quickly as possible to access a better move pool. Out of the two, confusion is the better pick to slow down early game zone losses. 

Move name Attack type Cooldown time  Description 
Astonish Hindrance Six and a half seconds Stuns and does AoE damage to local enemies
Confusion Range Nine seconds Deals damage and creates a secondary explosion, dealing more AoE damage and slowing opponents

Hoopa’s mid-game abilities 

The choices for mid-game abilities depend on whether you want an offensive or supportive Hoopa. For those looking to lead out from the front, shadow ball is the better attacking move and lowers enemy sp. def to create an easier take-down for your teammate. Phantom force perfectly suits a utility-first Hoopa that can teleport in and out of the battle while keeping an eye on your zones. 

Move name Attack type Cooldown time  Description 
Phantom force Dash/hindrance Five and a half seconds  Teleports you to an enemy, dealing AoE damage, before attacking up to two enemies. Teleports you back to your original position on second use
Shadow ball Ranged Four and a half seconds  Hoopa sends out a dark sphere to do damage and lower the sp. def of an opponent

Hoopa’s late-game abilities 

It’s with Hoopa’s late-game moves that it jumps into a tier of its own as a super-powerful supporter. Hyperspace hole is one of the most overpowered moves in the game, as not only does it deal damage, but it can teleport you and your team to various locations to either support an attack or recover defences. Trick synergises well with Shadow Ball if you want to be on the front foot, with an option to give a shield to any friendlies trying to keep up. 

Move name Attack type Cooldown time  Description 
Hyperspace hole Dash Ten seconds Hoopa creates a set of rings that deal AoE damage, but can also teleport enemies back to base with a movement speed buff. If used in an opponent’s goal zone, this move can transport your teammates to the opposite lane to keep the pressure up
Trick Buff Seven and a half seconds  This move sets Hoopa up with a partner Pokémon to boost movement speed and create a shield for both. If there are no teammates around, you can use this move on yourself to also boost shadow ball’s damage

Hoopa’s end game abilities 

Hoopa’s place at the top of Pokémon Unite’s supporter tier list is justified again by its insanely potent Unite move. The move isn’t an attack in itself, instead, it transforms your Pokémon into the malevolent Hoopa Unbound form. You get two new AoE damage attacks, as well as a significant increase to your max HP, making it easier to either wrap the game up or form a startling comeback. 

Move name Attack type Description 
Rings unbound  Buff Turn into Hoopa Unbound using this move, and you get a big max HP increase, a new set of powerful moves, and a free teleport for all your teammates to join you. However, you cannot score in Unbound form

Hoopa on the map in Unbound form

Hoopa Unbound’s abilities

Once you activate your Unite move, Hoopa will transform into its much more powerful Unbound form. At this point, Hoopa’s status as a supporter is unrecognisable, and the untamed mythical will lay some serious waste with its attacking powers. When you’re in Unbound form, it really does come down to just spamming hyperspace fury and taking out as many opponents as possible in the short burst of power. 

Move name Attack type Cooldown time  Description 
Hyperspace fury  Area Seven seconds This move deals powerful AoE damage, as well as stunning enemies within the blast radius
Pysbeam  Area  Nine seconds  Hoopa Unbound’s second attack also deals heavy AoE damage, but does leave you open to hindrance attacks

What are the best held items for Pokémon Unite’s Hoopa?

  • Buddy Barrier 

Despite being a supporter, Hoopa is not the most durable Pokémon. To ensure that you can stay in the fight, and give your team a shield boost, the buddy barrier goes a long way to keep up defences in the end game. 

  • Score Shield 

If you’re on a team with two supporters, or if you know you’re going to be relied on in both offence and defence, the score shield is a good way to counterbalance Hoopa’s poor scoring stat. 

  • Energy Amplifier

One of Hoopa’s best traits is its powerful Unite move, and the energy amplifier synergises well with frequent uses of the special attack in the end game. If you can pull it off correctly, you’ll be able to spawn the rest of your team just as you get the attack boost from your energy amplifier, which puts even the most prepared opponents in a sticky position to defend. 

Hoopa moving across the map in Pokemon Unite

What is the best battle item for Pokémon Unite’s Hoopa?

  • Eject Button 

The Eject Button is somewhat of a staple in Pokémon Unite, and Hoopa is no exception. This item is especially useful when you’re learning your way around the Hoopa build, as it gives you more scope to quickly escape from enemies when outnumbered. 

  • X Attack 

If you’re going for an offensive build that concentrates on unlocking Hoopa’s Unite move as quickly as possible, X Attack is the best battle item option. 

How to get Hoopa in Pokémon Unite

Until March 15, you can get Hoopa for free by baking 50 donuts in the kitchen event. You can create donuts by unlocking ingredients through missions and getting some through an ongoing giveaway that ends with the event in mid-March. 

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the deadline, as you’re able to buy Hoopa like you would any other character once the special giveaway ends for 10,000 aeos coins, or 575 aeos gems. 

Who does Pokémon Unite’s Hoopa work well with? 

  • All defenders
  • Zeraora 
  • Gengar

There’s no real standout for a Hoopa partner Pokémon due to its well-rounded utility, but it doesn’t hurt to get a tanky defender close by to soak up some hits, especially if you’re not packing a buddy barrier. Hoopa also supports speedsters like Pokémon Unite’s Zeraora, or Pokémon Unite’s Gengar, by getting them around the field even quicker to catch opponents off guard. 

That’s all you need to know about putting together a competitive build for Pokémon Unite’s Hoopa. If you need more high-octane online arena action, be sure to see our picks for the best mobile MOBAs to see which battles still lie ahead.