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Are there any Pokémon Lego sets?

There’s so much potential for Pokémon Lego sets, from Pokéballs to the monsters themselves, you’ll want to catch ‘em all, but do any currently exist?

A Pikachu and some Pokémon Lego against a pixelated background

If there’s one gaming series that deserves a Lego set, it’s Pokémon. While we have near-countless toys and games featuring the wee pocket monsters we all know and love, we’re yet to find any official Pokémon Lego sets. So today, we’re on the not-so-shiny hunt for the iconic brick-based building toys featuring Pokémon, or at least the closest thing that exists.

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Are there any Pokémon Lego sets?

The short and sour answer is, no, which is sad. Lego loves the odd video game collaboration, including big names such as Super Mario, Animal Crossing, Fortnite, and Minecraft. But it hasn’t managed to catch ‘em all, with Pokémon avoiding its grasp. However, Mattel does have brick-based building toy sets in the Lego style under their Mega (formerly Mega Bloks/Mega Construx) toy line.

However, we’ve put together some ideas for the best potential Pokémon Lego sets:

Two Pokémon Lego sets that look like the Pokémon Center

Lego Pokémon Center

Starting strong with possibly the most iconic building in the entire Pokémon franchise, the Pokémon Center, a haven on your journey. The design and minifigure potential for this set alone makes it extremely desirable. The consistent design from the games, the various ones from the show, Nurse Joy, Chansey, and the Pokémon PC, are only a few ideas to include in the set. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist in official Lego form, but Mattel has picked up the slack with their own MEGA Pokémon Forest Center set featuring Chansey, Pikachu, Togepi, and Eevee.

Pokémon Lego - the Pokémart's interior and exterior against a pixelated background

Lego Pokémart

Continuing with iconic buildings in the Pokémon franchise is the Pokémart. This potential set could be based on any shop from either the games or the anime where the interior and exterior of Pokémon Centers and Pokémarts change on a whim depending on what town our heroes find themselves in. The former, with the layout being that of the Pokémon games’ Pokémart, is more likely here for the sake of consistent set designs and minifigures.

Pokémon Lego - an Onix and a Pikachu in a fight next to the inside of a flowery Pokémon gym

Lego Pokémon gym battles

The line of thinking for Lego Pokémon gym battle sets is similar to the Super Mario interactive sets. The potential of Lego Pokémon minifigures or models battling it out against the most iconic gym leaders in the Pokémon franchise, while powered parts of the sets could emulate Pokémon cries and sound effects during the fight for the gym badge, is a treat to visualize.

There are plenty of gym leaders to face off against, whether as Ash or the player character from the games; there’s also the potential of downloading more sound effects from the Lego website to suit your party. Models of the exterior and puzzling interior of the gyms to make a great display set are a great idea, too. Let’s hope Lego is listening.

Pokémon Lego - the inside of Professor Oak's lab in Pokémon Let's Go

Lego Pokémon Professor Oak’s lab

Staying with the anime, the potential for sets based on scenes from the Pokémon television series is nigh-limitless, but staying in the realms of reality, we can imagine Professor Oak’s lab as he’s the most iconic Pokémon professor, always checking in with Ash and the gang throughout their journey. We could see exclusive minifigures of Professor Oak and Ash in his pajamas while recreating the iconic moment of Ash meeting Pikachu in this potential set.

Pokémon Lego - an image of a pixelated town next to a Disney Lego diorama

Lego Pokémon town dioramas

Heading back into the world of Pokémon games is the potential for Lego dioramas of the most famous Pokémon towns. Imagine having a small model of Lavender Town and the infamous haunted Pokémon tower giving you spooky vibes on your desk or a miniature model of the walkways of Sunyshore City with tiny blocks representing the icons of their associated town in Pokémon.

A Lapras and Pikachu Pokémon Lego set against a pixelated background

Lego Pokémon figures

Similar to the Lego Super Mario Mighty Bowser set, we could see articulated figures of iconic Pokémon from Alakazam to Zoroark. Maybe the original three starters of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. While the average Pokémon may only come up to knee height, they would need to scale the legendary Pokémon appropriately. There’s a lot of potential for Pokémon figures since there are much more than 150 now. While Lego isn’t making Pokémon sets, Mattel has done precisely that with sets of Pokémon figures battling it out or just roaming around their natural environment.

Pokémon Lego - a Garchomp, Haunter, and Pikachu next to some Elvis Lego

Lego Pokémon sprite artwork sets

On the other hand, we could see a line of Pokémon Lego Art sets, imagine in-game sprites from the classic games blown up onto the large Lego canvas for fans to recreate their favorite sprites intricately. There’s the potential for three-in-one sets here, similar to existing Lego Art sets where you can make multiple portraits with the pieces you’re given.

Pokémon evolutionary lines are often similar in color scheme, so, for example, a Lego Art piece of Gengar’s sprite could also create Ghastly and Haunter. Lego Art sets often come with a bonus picture to make if you combine multiples of the same set. We think this bonus picture could be the entire evolutionary line or, possibly, a Mega Evolution variant of the featured Pokémon if one exists.

Pokémon Lego - 20 different Pokéballs against a pixelated background

Lego Pokéballs

You know what they say: you can’t catch a few Pokémon without breaking a few Pokéballs. This idea is simply a moneymaker; we would love to have the entire Pokéball collection of them lined up for display, maybe throw them around a little. Although they’re mostly made up of square bricks, we’re sure they’ll make a circle eventually.

While it’s great that Mattel has stepped up and made their own Pokémon building sets, we would like to see Lego take a Poison Jab of sorts at making sets on a massive scale, possibly even on a giant scale seen only in the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series line of sets. Either way, we all best start making space on our shelves and in our bank accounts when we buy a Death Star-sized Jigglypuff Lego set.