To be the very best, you need an Umbreon

There are many eeveelutions out there across a variety of types, but let me explain why Umbreon is in fact the best of the bunch (yes, I’m right about this)

Umbreon running down a road having a conversation with Sylveon while Leafeon leaves drops

Pokémon is a huge franchise, one that’s full of weird and wonderful creatures. However, there’s one that stands out from the crowd, a generation one Pokémon that’s still an enigma, and that’s Eevee. The adorable ‘mon is one of the most unique creatures you can come across in any region. Sure, to someone unfamiliar with Pokémon, it probably looks like a cute little creature that likely has no bark or bite.

However, that’s a misconception that couldn’t be further from the truth, as Eevee is a formidable normal type that can learn moves from various types that ensure it holds its own in combat. Honestly, I could talk all day about Eevee, and in a sense, that’s what I’m doing here, as I plan to tell you all why Umbreon is Eevee’s best evolution. Yes, I just said the dark-type is the best eeveelution, and I have the receipts to prove it.

But first, let me give a quick rundown on Umbreon, as this eeveelution isn’t part of the original Pokémon line up, instead, it’s part of the generation two cast, and it serves as the dark progression option for Eevee, just as Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon from generation one are its electric, water, and fire paths respectively.

Part of why I consider Umbreon to be the best eeveelution is tied to the fact that dark Pokémon happen to be my favourite type, so that does sway my view. Nonetheless, there’s no denying its prowess, nor can you dismiss the importance of Umbreon, as it’s a pioneer of the dark-type, not only that, but to this day, I’m adamant that it’s one of the best dark Pokémon on offer, and it happens to be relatively easy to get your hands on – once you get an Eevee, that is.

Umbreon yawning and looking ever so cute

Anyway, in a world that’s full to the brim with fire, water, grass, rock, ground, psychic, and electric-types, it’s nice to come across a creature that embraces the dark side of things. Come generation two, it’s time to meet new types, yes, those in Kanto hold a special place in the hearts of many, including me, but Johto brings a welcome change.

Perhaps part of why I love Umbreon and consider it to be the top-tier Eevee evolution is because it’s the first of a completely different type at the time of release. Yes, I’m aware that Espeon (another good ‘mon) is also part of the generation two lineup, but as a psychic-type, Espeon didn’t offer you anything new. However, Umbreon isn’t only part of a new variety of beast. It’s actually the best dark-type in Gold, Silver, and eventually, Crystal.

I also feel a certain sense of comradery with Umbreon. You see, while eeveelutions such as Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon require stones to evolve, whereas, for Umbreon, it’s all about friendship. Again, it’s a mechanic generation two introduced, and it forges a strong bond between you and your Pokémon. Me and Eevee went to hell and back together. We won many battles, and then suddenly, in the dark of night, a bright light shrouds the moon.

Next thing you know, a majestic creature is standing next to you. Not only that, but it’s a gorgeous-looking ‘mon, with its sleek black body, slender legs, yellow markings, and crimson red eyes that show love and affection to you while simultaneously striking fear into the hearts of its foes.

Umbreon sitting still like a wonderful 'mon

Speaking of which, Umbreon is a formidable combatant on the battlefield, as not only can it learn every dark move going, but it can learn some psychic, ground, fire, normal, steel, ghost, and water attacks too. Of course, this can vary from generation to generation, but no matter what, you can mould Umbreon to be the fighter that you want. Even against types it’s weak too. With the right build, this creature of the night can hold its own, perhaps even win.

So you see, Umbreon is about friendship, kicking butt, is part of the best type of Pokémon, and is one with the night. Clearly, it’s the best eeveelution. This isn’t up for debate. This is my hill, so Ruby, turn around with your Vaporeon and walk away.

Editor NB: I would like to wholeheartedly disagree with this piece and reiterate that Vaporeon is indeed the very best, like no ‘mon ever was. I’m willing to fight about it. If you agree (or disagree) with either of us, head on over to the Pocket Tactics Twitter to share your thoughts.