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Scalpers have a nasty plot for the Pokémon Van Gogh exhibit’s merch

A battle for the ages, Pokémon fans vs. the Van Gogh exhibit’s merch stand, is raging over in Amsterdam as scalpers pick the shelves clean.

Pikachu Van Gogh card artwork with a teardrop on it

Yesterday, we saw the announcement of a collaborative Pokémon x Van Gogh exhibit taking place in the Van Gogh Museum, located in Amsterdam. The exhibit has Pokémon artwork in Gogh’s famous style, as well as some lovely merch on sale.

At least, I think so – I saw this on TikTok as I scrolled myself to sleep last night and all my eyes saw were scenes of absolute carnage in the museum’s pop-up gift store. People were clawing at the stand, a crowd of at least four deep just grabbing handfuls of tote bags and Pokémon figures out of each other’s hands with no regard for manners or queueing etiquette.

Just look at this, or from another perspective here – absolute madness. Come now, fellow trainers, we’re better than this. But then, you have to wonder, where is this merch going? I think we all know the answer.

The special card for the event featuring the Pikachu artwork is now listed for insane prices online. ‘Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat’ currently has many listings on eBay for well over $100, mostly around the $3-$400 mark. Other items have similarly eye-watering pricetags, but it’s the Pikachu cards that take the absolute biscuit.

We covered the collab yesterday before it all went to hell, detailing when and where the exhibition is if you want to get involved – you get the card from completing an activity in the museum between now and January 2024. Pokémon fans in the US, UK, and Canada get the card when they order any Pokémon x Van Gogh museum item on the online Pokémon Center sites. These cards are limited, so grab one while you can if you’re interested.

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The exclusive merch is coming to the museum’s online store, though, and you can sign up here to find out when it goes live.

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