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These Pokémon World Championships gifts make up for missing Yokohama

The Pokémon World Championships means gifts for players watching from home, and this time around there’s something for both VGC and TCG fans.

Pokemon World Championships gifts: A graphic showing a green and blue Gastrodon and a gold foil version of Charizard ex on a Pokemon Worlds Yokohama-branded background

The 2023 Pokémon Championship Series is wrapping up in Yokohama next week and you can tune in to receive two exclusive Pokémon World Championships gifts. The Pokémon Company International is giving away one of the most popular Pokémon Scarlet and Violet competitive Pokémon and a key card for an upcoming powerful Pokémon TCG Live deck.

Much like Paul Chua’s shiny Arcanine that Pokémon gave out to celebrate the North American International Championships, you can claim your very own copy of Eduardo Cunha’s 2022 Pokémon VGC World Championships winning Gastrodon by tuning into the event livestream next weekend. This Gastrodon has the powerful Storm Drain ability and is equipped with Leftovers, making it a tanky force to be reckoned with in competitive play.

If you prefer card games to 2v2 battles, you can also get your hands on a digital copy of the beautiful gold foil Charizard ex from the Pokémon TCG’s latest expansion, Obsidian Flames. This powerful Dark-type Pokémon is a powerful attacker that can accelerate fire energy to the other Pokémon on your board, prepping them to deliver massive one-hit knockouts against your opponent.

We love receiving these free gifts to celebrate big moments in the Pokémon competitive scene. Still, we can’t help but agree with fans on Twitter who are complaining about getting another Gastrodon. Just because it’s one of the most popular competitive choices in Pokémon doesn’t mean it’s the only option for a gift. Plus, avid Pokémon Go and Pokémon Unite fans are still waiting for their chance at a free gift.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Pokémon World Championships gifts. If you’re as hyped about Dark-type Charizard ex as we are, check out our massive Pokémon Obsidian Flames giveaway. We’ve also got a guide to water Pokémon weakness if you want to counter the ever-powerful Gastrodon.