Water Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

If you need to know the water Pokémon weaknesses, we’re going through exactly how to beat those aquatic beasts, as well as their strengths and best strategies.

Water Pokemon weaknes: Swampert, Gyarados, and Blastoise in front of a dark blue background

What is the water Pokémon weakness? Some Pokémon take things to the next level, firing H2O out of every orifice in deadly weapons of wetness. Water-types are a curse to many different popular Pokémon like Charizard, as that water is just waiting to dampen the spirits of fiery Pokémon everywhere.

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Let’s wade into our water Pokémon weakness guide.

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What are water Pokémon weaknesses?

Water Pokémon are weak against electric and grass-type moves. With only two water Pokémon weaknesses, this makes mono-water-type Pokémon one of the best defensive typings in the game, like Pokémon such as Dodonzo.

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Water Pokémon counters

Taking the two water-type weaknesses into consideration, it’s wise to consider the likes of Victreebel, Pikachu, and Jolteon, or any of these creatures:

All of these Pokémon fit the bill as they fall into either the electric or grass-type categories. Their attacks are sure to decimate any water Pokémon you come across but do consider whether or not they’re hybrid, as a secondary type might prove effective against your ‘mon.

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What are water Pokémon resistances?

Here are the water-type Pokémon resistances:

Water Pokémon are resistant to fire, steel, water, and ice-type moves. This means Pokémon such as Heatran, Chandelure, Arcanine, and Charizard all struggle to take down this particular type.

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What are water Pokémon strengths?

Water Pokémon are especially strong against:

Water Pokémon are super effective against fire, ground, and rock-type Pokémon, meaning the likes of Charizard, Garchomp, and Rhyperior will struggle against Water Pokémon.

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