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The best poker games on Switch and mobile

It’s no bluff, we’ve picked out the best poker games on Switch and mobile so you can concentrate on acing your game and picking up chips.

Poker games: a hand holding four chips

Whether you’re a hold ‘em high-roller or a beginner under the gun, there’s no better way to practice your skills on the green felt than with some poker games. Our list of the best poker games on Switch and mobile is flush with titles we guarantee don’t flop. We do have to point out that in none of these games are you expected to spend real money, so you can have fun betting without the risk. 

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With that out of the way, it’s time to place your bets on our picks for the best poker games on Switch and mobile. 

best Poker games - A screenshot of Balatro on Switch with cards on a table

Balatro – Switch

Imagine a poker game, but it’s also a roguelike. Well, that’s Balatro for you! This super moreish deck builder has you playing illegal poker hands and combos, all thanks to joker cards.

Balatro is poker like you’ve never played, and it doesn’t get old thanks to the combinations of cards that keep changing up the game. You can score millions of chips in one fell swoop, and gamble it all in your next turn – high stakes and high energy make this game truly fun.

Poker games Sunshine Shuffle: a group of animals playing poker at a table

Sunshine Shuffle – Switch

For those of you younger poker players, or those that prefer looking at cute animals than grumpy adult humans – check out Sunshine Shuffle on Switch.

You’re on a boat with a cast of animals who once robbed a bank, and discover their stories as you play round after round of cards with cats, birds, otters, and more.

Promo art for Governor of Poker 3, one of the most popular poker games on mobile

Governor of Poker 3 – mobile

There’s no better way to play the old game of Texas hold ‘em than with a few cowboys in a rickety old saloon. That’s exactly what you get in Governor of Poker 3, a classic style poker sim with plenty of daily, weekly, and neverending challenges that have a way of keeping you hanging around for more hands than you intended.

It’s also one of the few games on this list in which you can wear a stetson, so we couldn’t not include it. 

Poker Club cover, one of the best poker games on Switch

Poker Club – Switch

The most comprehensive poker experience on Switch, Poker Club is a must for any high-rollers out there. It’s probably also the best way to rehearse your tournament chops without having to part with your cash, thanks to regular multi-table tournaments with over 200 players participating.

There’s an intelligently designed solo career mode too, that manages to out-do the others on this list by actually teaching you some of the techniques, and math, that the poker stars of the real-world use so often. 

Promo art for Poker World: Offline, one of the most popular mobile poker games

Poker World: Offline Poker – mobile

Poker World: Offline Poker, from the creators of Governor of Poker, brings the developer’s brand of Texas hold ‘em into the twenty-first century with this offline tour.

Poker World is perfect for anyone who has ever dreamed of bluffing in the Bellagio, or making it rain chips in the swanky setting of Monaco, with a long list of high-roller destinations. There’s a surprising amount of single-player depth here too, with a campaign that tests even the sneakiest of card sharks. 

Promo art for Poker with your Friends

EasyPoker: Poker with Friends – mobile

If you’ve got everything you need for a poker night, the chips, the friends, the will to win, but you don’t have a ten-foot table sitting around, EasyPoker is the game for you.

It’s the most no-frills title on this list, but it’s the only one that allows a quick local game, functioning as a sort of Jackbox Party Pack for poker aficionados. Just don’t blame us for the fallouts. 

Cover art for 51 Worldwide Games, which includes two poker games in its collection

51 Worldwide Games – Switch

Feel free to glance over this one if you’re a poker pro, but if you’re new to the game of Texas hold ‘em then 51 Worldwide Games is a great place to pick it up.

For starters, the pace of the game is much slower than most of the other titles on this list, so you can check out the rules in between turns, and rather than going for a pot over time, the poker you find here is a best of three deal, so you won’t be trapped at a table any longer than you want. 

There you have it, the full flop for our picks of the best poker games on Switch and mobile. Just remember, poker is a betting game, so if you feel like you’re playing too much, or have a problem, be sure to take a break, or visit BeGambleAware.org. If you prefer drawing handfuls of monsters rather than kings and queens, check out our picks for the best mobile card games.