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The best pool games on Switch and mobile

Check out the best pool games on Switch and mobile list to prove yourself as a seasoned snooker sniper, or a baby when it comes to billiards.

pool games: a pool table with balls on it

With our list of the best pool games on Switch and mobile, you can easily avoid any foul ball titles. As there are so many international variations of the game of pool, I’m looking at you here snooker, we’ll be including basically anything that involves a cue, a few balls, and a good bit of green felt. All you need to do is chalk up your cue and make a solid connection. 

For more sports that don’t require elite-level athleticism, be sure to check out our picks for the best fishing games, bowling games, and golf games on Switch and mobile. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more high-octane than you find in the pool hall, see our lists of the best mobile racing games and the best Switch racing games.

With that of the way, let’s break for our picks of the best pool games on Switch and mobile

Pool Panic cover art, one of the wackier pool games on Switch

Pool Panic – Switch

Whenever we make these sports game lists, we try to include something a little wacky to mix things up, and things don’t get much wackier than Pool Panic. While it’s not shocking to find more oddballs than eight balls in this pool sim, considering it’s a title out of the enigmatic Adult Swim Games studio, we were pleasantly surprised with the playability and depth of mechanics in Pool Panic, alongside all the laughs.

This title won’t improve your overall game, but you might bust a gut laughing during your playthrough. 

Key art for 8 Ball Pool, one of the most popular online pool games

8 Ball Pool – mobile

If you were gaming during the Miniclip era and never played 8 Ball Pool, what exactly were you doing? The gaming site turned developer’s pool sim is now the company’s flagship, with thousands of prospective opponents online at any time.

With tight controls for a mobile title, a range of novelty cues to improve your game, and responsive mechanics, look no further if you’re looking for a purely online test of your potting skills. 

A screenshot of pool games - Subpar Pool showing a blue pool table surrounded by trees

Subpar Pool – Switch and mobile

Billed as a “whimsical adventure of pocket antics at the intersection of golf and pool”, Subpar Pool offers a different sort of experience for you cue wielders.

It has procedurally generated levels with pool tables to skitter across and balls to pocket. It’s all set in an eye-catching world, instead of a gloomy pool hall. You can even make your own challenges using cards you collect along the way, making each experience your own and giving yourself different things to do like avoiding walls and working with more balls.

Key art for Pocket Pool, a puzzle pool game

Pocket Pool – mobile

We’ve seen no shortage of zen-style sports puzzlers in the last few years, and pool has its own version with Pocket Pool. There are no high-intensity matches here, instead, you find a selection of pool-inspired puzzles that really put your knowledge of tight angles and finely tuned-shots to the test.

So, if you’re looking for something to give your brain a workout without leaving the green felt, Pocket Pool might be the one for you.

Cover art for Pure Pool, one of the more realistic pool sims on Switch

Pure Pool – Switch

There’s no shortage of cheap and cheerful pool games on Switch, but the best out of the bunch is Pure Pool. Not only is it graphically superior to the other affordable pool games on the platform, but it also has the most realistic ball physics, leading to an experience that’s the closest you’ll find to heading down the pool hall for real.

There’s also a generous amount of game modes for the title’s price, including a campaign, some fun mini-games, and of course, an online mode to test out your skills against fellow cue handlers.

Cover art for 51 Worldwide Games

51 Worldwide Games – Switch

It wouldn’t be a classic game collection without pool now, would it? Not if 51 Worldwide Games has anything to say about it, offering a pool sim that’s perfect for playing a few frames with a friend.

As it’s part of a larger collection, there are no frills here, but that just adds to the authentic pool experience that you’ll find amongst the card games and board games.

Key art for 8 Ball Pool Trickshots

Pool Trickshots – mobile

Trickshotting is a whole other ball game when it comes to potting on the green felt, and in Pool Trickshots you need to bring your angle-finding A-game if you have any hope of seeing the second level.

Offering even more of a challenge than the puzzles found in Pocket Pool, Pool Trickshots is all about making the snazziest, sharpest shots rather than putting points on the board. So, if you prefer to impress with style over substance, we recommend this tricky title to put those skills to the test. 

There you have it! Our picks for the best pool games on Switch and mobile. If you’d prefer to place your cards rather than your cue on the green felt, why not check out our list of the best poker games on Switch and mobile while you’re here?