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NetEase announces pre-reg for cyberpunk mobile game Project Mugen

Project Mugen pre-registration is open for all, so you can show your interest ahead of the latest Netease title’s launch and get all the news.

Project Mugen pre registration: the cast of characters in a cinema

Listen up, mobile gaming fans – we’ve got a brand new announcement that you’re gonna enjoy. Netease has shown off an upcoming futuristic title – and Project Mugen pre-registration is now open. It looks to be one of the best mobile games we’ve seen announced recently, and we’re excited already.

Netease Games revealed Project Mugen – a working title, so it may change – alongside their Gamescom appearance. It’s an urban, open-world RPG, with futuristic and cyberpunk elements, akin to Hoyoverse’s Zenless Zone Zero or Aether Gazer.

Project Mugen is to release as a free-to-play game on mobile alongside PC and PlayStation consoles, so you can play when and how you want. We don’t currently have a release date or beta announcements, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

How do I pre-register for Project Mugen?

Project Mugen pre-registration is open now so you can keep up with all the updates. Simply visit the website and fill in your email address to register, you can also meet the first characters and get a taste of the modern setting. Here’s the first trailer, too:

YouTube Thumbnail

So, what can you do in Project Mugen? The finer details are currently unknown, but the trailer shows characters going head-to-head with enemies in the skyscraper-filled city, where you can run, jump, and fly almost like Spider-Man to get from A to B. We’re promised a big map consisting of relaxing park areas with bustling city locations, subways, nightlife, and more.

Combat consists of teams of up to four characters, a few of which we see including a boy that uses icy yo-yos as a weapon, a girl with a baseball bat, and a dude that can lift cars with some psionic power. It seems that elemental combat makes a play here, so we may be able to synergize with different teammates to create reactions like in Genshin Impact.

We’re eagerly waiting for more information already as visually, Project Mugen looks great and introduces some intriguing characters and a deep story filled with supernatural shenanigans.

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