NetEase has a Norse-themed RPG in development dubbed Project Ragnarok

NetEase has revealed a new triple-A inspired RPG currently in development known as Project Ragnarok. From the trailer, the game looks Norse themed, with monsters, magic, and what appears to be an open world with platforming elements, as well as different methods of traversal. The news was initially revealed by Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, sharing two trailers over Twitter, as well as some other details.

Ahmad says that NetEase’s aim with Ragnarok “is to balance traditional Chinese MMO style gameplay with premium AAA gameplay to appeal to a global audience.” Alongside Ahmad’s reveal that the game “will take a multi-platform approach which indicates PC and console in addition to mobile”, it seems like NetEase, the extremely popular mobile MMO giant, is looking to expand onto other platforms as well as appealing to other markets.

While other details are relatively sparse on the ground right now, it’s safe to say that Ragnarok is extremely pretty. It’s easy to see the triple-A inspiration with its gorgeous visual style, and some pretty dynamic looking combat sequences, alongside Horizon Zero Dawn-esque free running and climbing.

You can watch the trailer below via Ahmad’s tweet.

Ahmad states in another tweet that due to the NetEase 520 conference taking place a little later today, we might get some more information about the game, or when we might be likely to see it release.

One thing’s for sure, we can’t wait to hear more details about Ragnarok; it looks incredible, and could represent yet another premium triple-A RPG experience on mobile, which would be great. We’ll just have to wait and see…

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