PUBG Mobile Shadow Force invades the battlefield in version 3.0

PUBG Mobile’s Shadow Force update is finally here, ringing in the new year with plenty of awesome weapons, maps, and game modes to master.

PUBG Mobile shadow force: Player Unknown wielding a shadow blade with blue lightning flying everywhere, cut out and pasted with a white outline on a blurred image of the shadow blade in a stone like Excalibur

Version 3.0 is kicking off strong with PUBG Mobile’s Shadow Force update, which completely takes over Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok in the mobile battle royale. As well as heaps of new content, this update introduces welcome quality-of-life changes and events.

PUBG Mobile is one of the best mobile battle royale games on the market, and this month’s version 3.0 update was highly anticipated by fans. The themed game mode, Shadow Force, is the crown jewel of the update, engulfing familiar maps and introducing a snowy military base location for Metro Royale. Of course, Shadow Force also lets us play with the Shadow Blade melee weapon, Skytether Hook, and Proxy Scout gadget.

Descend on the Arctic Base in Metro Royale soon after the update goes live to see if you’re skilled enough to take down its tank and commander enemies. Look out for the stealthy high-pressure air rifle, area destruction, zip line mechanics, and much more. World of Wonder, PUBG Mobile’s creative mode, also receives a refresh in this update that adds a healthy dose of customization options and gameplay devices to level creators’ toolkits.

When is PUBG Mobile’s Shadow Force update live?

Version 3.0 of PUBG Mobile, including Shadow Force, is available from now until March 11, 2024. The Arctic Base map launches on January 11, 2024.

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In February, look out for Lunar New Year-themed air drops featuring the Dragon’s Blessing, and the return of the two-seat bike for Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned for more news on PUBG Mobile’s upcoming collaborations too. We can’t wait to see which “friendly faces” are making an appearance.

That’s everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Shadow Force. If you’re still chasing that chicken dinner, check out our interview with James Yang on PUBG Mobile’s Esports 2024 plans, or our PUBG Mobile download guide to get some more practice in across all of your devices.