PUBG Mobile on a “mission to make the best esports structure” in 2024

Dive into the PUBG Mobile Esports 2024 roadmap with us as we hear directly from the game’s Senior Director of Global Esports, James Yang.

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We sat down in a group call today to discuss the PUBG Mobile Esports 2024 program with James Yang, Senior Director of Global Esports for the game. He discussed big changes like region mergers, the brand-new Global Open tournament, and PUBG Mobile’s “mission to make the best esports structure” for its community.

PUBG Mobile’s main announcement is the creation of a brand-new major tournament, the PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO). As the name implies, this is the battle royale game’s first open-style tournament, meaning you have a chance to compete and win regardless of your team affiliation. PMGO is intended to be a little less competitive than the existing championship tournaments and instead focuses on supporting the regional community.

PUBG Mobile is yet to announce the specific city, but Yang told us that PMGO will take place in Brazil. Community feedback suggests that Brazilian fans and players really want more offline events for the game in their region and have a reputation for being some of the most passionate players and spectators in the scene. PUBG Mobile’s popularity is growing in Brazil currently and an offline event in the country is expected to increase it further.

Player feedback is critical to Yang and his team, so much so that he claims to read almost every comment the game receives. Fans want to see more competition between teams from different regions, so the PUBG Mobile team created the Central and South Asian and Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions. Community members also requested more short-form video coverage, so PUBG Mobile is now present on TikTok. In Yang’s words, “Without esports fans we cannot do this… we really care about your support.”

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Yang mentioned that while he’s proud of everything that PUBG Mobile has achieved, he’s particularly excited to see the game nominated alongside PC giants like League of Legends, Valorant, and DOTA 2 for Best Esports Game at The Game Awards 2023. This is the first time that an award show has nominated a mobile esports game in the overall best esports category, rather than relegating them to a separate ‘best mobile esports game’ section. Yang said that this puts PUBG Mobile on “the same starting line” as massive competitive PC franchises.

When is the PUBG Mobile Global Open?

The first-ever PUBG Mobile Global Open takes place in March 2024 in Brazil. Get training now and you could win a portion of a $500k prize pool!

When asked if he had any advice for aspiring PUBG Mobile esports professionals, Yang emphasized the importance of roles other than players in the esports scene. To make events like PMGO and the PUBG Mobile Global Championship happen, the game relies on thousands of people. From coaches and casters to the production team and event organizers. He said, “I bet the esports industry will continue to grow”, so keep looking out for new ways to get involved in this exciting market.

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That’s our summary of the exciting things coming in the PUBG Mobile Esports 2024 program. If you want to get involved in this ever-growing esports scene, check out our PUBG Mobile download guide to get started. In our opinion, it’s one of the best FPS games on mobile