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PUBG Mobile joins forces with Spy x Family

The PUBG Mobile Spy x Family collaboration promises to be a fun experience if previous partnerships with Evangelion are anything to go by.

PUBG Mobile Key art with Twilight, Yor, and their daughter in the foreground from Spy x Family

It’s collaboration time again for Krafton’s mobile shooter, and this time, it’s a PUBG Mobile Spy x Family crossover. Details on the partnership are a bit scarce at the moment, as it’s a fresh announcement and the crossover hasn’t begun yet. Still, it’s an exciting prospect for anime and manga fans.

PUBG Mobile is known for its collaborations with anime games and IPs at this point, boasting former partnerships with the likes of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Dragon Ball Super. So, what makes Spy x Family the next logical step with such crossovers? Well, if you’re not familiar with the anime and manga series, it follows a spy codenamed Twilight, who has a behemoth task – keep the peace between rival nations.

To do so, Twilight needs to form a family and send his ‘child’ to a prestigious school. That sounds simple, right? Well, appearances can be deceiving, as Twilight should know, given he’s a spy, but that doesn’t mean he’s not in for the shock of his life when it turns out his new wife is a highly skilled assassin and his daughter can read minds.

As you can imagine, such circumstances lead to some hilarious situations, especially as all three are tasked with saving the world while also trying to keep their true identities a secret from each other. To date, the Spy x Family manga series boasts more than 35 million copies across 13 volumes, proving it to be one of the most popular manga series out there right now.

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Though details on what the collaboration entails are a bit scarce, we can’t help but look forward to such a partnership, so make sure you check out our PUBG Mobile download guide to avoid missing out. We also have a PUBG Mobile codes list if you want to see what freebies you can grab.