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PUBG’s Street Fighter 6 collab brings the Ken-ergy (and Ryu)

PUBG’s Street Fighter 6 crossover comes just in time for the sun, with Survivor Summerfest bringing fresh skins from Capcom’s legendary fighting game.

PUBG Street Fighter 6 crossover header showing five characters in a lineup -- in the middle is a woman in a blue ornate dress with brunette hair in buns, next to her on the right is a woman in a green leotard and military beret flexing her arms, while on the left is a man in karate dress with a red headband around his black hair. On the outer edge on the right is a man in a blue top with blonde hair, while on the left is a woman in a long light-blue dress.

PUBG and Street Fighter 6 are teaming up for Survivor Summerfest, bringing the battle royale game some new and returning game modes alongside skins from Capcom’s latest fighting game. PUBG’s Street Fighter 6 crossover is live now for PC, and goes live on July 20 for other platforms.

Street Fighter 6-themed items and skins make their way to PUBG from July 26, and are available to purchase until September 20. There are some iconic character skins to take into battle, with Chun-Li, Ryu, Luke, and Cammy.

Meanwhile, Survivor Summerfest brings in-game and real-world prizes for participants. There are a bunch of missions to complete, which in turn earn you Summer Stamps. You can then use these to be in with a chance to win a summer-themed nameplate, in-game currency, and a high-end gaming PC. This all ends on September 13.

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PUBG Arcade gets new and returning game modes, too. There’s Intense Battle Royal and Team Deathmatch, as well as the new mode Bluebomb Rush. Alongside all of this, there’s the opportunity to earn special drops, like an SF6-themed helmet, emote, Hunter’s Chest, Contraband Coupons, and even more through various in-game events, including Summer Splash Bingo, Midsummer Check-in, and the Battle Street event mission.

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