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Is the Puyo Puyo Quest mobile game finally being localized?

A worldwide release could really be happening as Sega baffles fans with English Tweets about Puyo Puyo Quest, a Japan-exclusive mobile game.

Puyo Puyo Quest - an animated character from the game holding a yellow rabbit

Sega’s got fans on tenterhooks this week as it shows some adverts for Puyo Puyo Quest on X, in English, and we’re not sure what to make of it. The community is rife with speculation and now awaiting some form of confirmation.

What’s happened is this – Sega’s North American Twitter account posted adverts for the Japan-exclusive Puyo Puyo Quest puzzle game, initially released on Android and iOS back in 2013. The catch is, the adverts this time are in English and feature new art of characters both in the game and brand new to the series.

There are two examples of said Tweets here and here, though there are more, as pointed out by X user PuyoPuyo_Facts. Interestingly, these ads are in English, they link to the Japanese app store, and no one in the West can download the game.

The game itself is a continuation of the Puyo Puyo franchise, which has titles on the Switch and we highly recommend it for some gripping puzzle-y fun. We hope to see this game come to the West but for now, there’s no follow-up to Sega’s mysterious Tweets.

It’s rather odd that they post these hints in English, with new characters and previously unseen models, with no announcement just yet. Long-time Puyo fans hope for any confirmation of what this means from Sega – whether we’ll get a new game, or finally a localization, remains to be seen.

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It could be that Sega is gaining public recognition ahead of bringing the game to a worldwide audience, or it could just be a pre-holiday season push… on a ten-year-old mobile game.

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