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Reverse: 1999’s 1.4 update brings arcanists and ancient Greeks

Jump into the latest Reverse: 1999 update for another historical adventure as the Timekeeper, and grab some excellent rewards.

Key art for Reverse 1999 update v1.4 showing the new character, 37

Our time travel journey continues in Reverse: 1999’s Version 1.4 update, The Prisoner in the Cave, which brings new characters, gameplay modes, and tons of rewards for us keen players.

During the Ancient Greek-themed update, we meet the latest arcanist joining the playable roster – 37, the mathematical genius. She’s a six-star unit and is available on the banner in phase one. She’s a DPS character with some support capabilities, so keep an eye on our Reverse: 1999 tier list to see where she debuts.

To help ease us into the update, there’s a new chapter to Reverse: 1999’s story, where you as the Timekeeper head to a lost island that remains unaffected by the Storm.

While you’re there, you can explore a new 3D puzzle in the game with rewards like Clear Drops and ancient Greek numerology to get your head around. Phase two continues the themed events with backstory chapters for Charlie and Oliver Fog. For you combat fans, there’s a boss rush challenge coming up, too.

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If you want to get back into Reverse: 1999, start a new adventure, or just in need of more materials, you can get plenty of goodies in the next update. There’s up to 80 draws on offer, and a five-star character of your choice (some other games should take note of this, I think). There are two sign-in events coming up to grab some XP materials along with currency and more.

Check out our Reverse: 1999 codes guide for all the new redemption codes. Then, why not see where the latest characters fall in our Genshin Impact tier list?