Reverse: 1999 tier list for December 2023

Our Reverse: 1999 tier list helps you aim for the best characters when starting this new gacha game, and can help you do a reroll if you’re not satisfied.

Reverse 1999 tier list: a character wearing a paperboy hat and a leather jacket on a grey background

Step into Bluepoch’s time-bending RPG and build the best team going with our Reverse: 1999 tier list. Each character has their own set of skills, fitting with their rarity, element, and role. Characters vary from two- to six-star rarity and can heal, buff, and debuff your team, or deal different kinds of damage on the field. Remember, this isn’t gospel – if you enjoy using a character in the lower ranks, that’s totally fine. The meta isn’t everything.

For a breakdown of what each unit can do, check out our guide to the Reverse: 1999 characters then pick up some Reverse: 1999 codes for extra goodies. If you’re not quite sure what the game is, we have a Reverse: 1999 preview to give you a hint.

Reverse: 1999 tier list

Let us present to you our tier list ranking all the characters in Reverse: 1999, from S tier all the way down to D.

Rank Reverse: 1999 character
S An-An Lee, Bkornblume, Black Dwarf, Centurion, Changeling, Charlie, Eternity, Lilya, Medicine Pocket, Pickles, Regulus, Voyager
A A Knight, Baby Blue, Balloon Party, Diggers, Dikke, Druvis III, Horropedia, Melania, Necrologist, Shamane, Sonetto, Sotheby, Tooth Fairy, X
B Blonney, Click, Cristallo, Eagle, Erick, Kanjira, Ms New Babel, Oliver Fog, Pavia, Tennant
C Зима, APPLe, Bette, Door, The Fool, La Source, Leilani, Matilda, Mondlicht, Nick Bottom, Rabies, Satsuki, Sweetheart
D aliEn T, Bunny Bunny, Darley Clatter, John Titor, Mesmer Jr, Ms Moissan, Ms Radio, ONiON, Poltergeist, Sputnik, TTT, Twins Sleep
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How do I perform a Reverse: 1999 reroll?

Now, there are a lot of characters available at launch, so if you pull someone you’re not happy with – you can reroll your account. However, it is a bit tricky. Guest accounts take 15 days to delete via support in the game, and clearing the cache on your device doesn’t remove any guest accounts you use, either.

According to Prydwen, the only real way to reroll on mobile is to use the ‘salt’ method, where you add a symbol or number into your email address to essentially fake a new account. Once you’ve got a pull you’re happy with, you can bind your account to your Google or Facebook account to bypass the fake email.

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