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Roblox rolls out new anti-cheat software Hyperion

Roblox’s new Hyperion anti-cheat software is here to put a stop to in-game exploits, but some users are reporting it means they can’t play at all.

Screenshot from a Roblox police game of a inmate trying to break out for Roblox Hyperion anti-cheat news

After months of anticipation, Roblox has finally integrated Byfron’s Hyperion anti-cheat software in a move to halt the hackers and chastise the cheaters using the platform. While it’s still early days, it looks like the glory years for Roblox exploiters are finally over.

Roblox acquired Byfron in October of 2022, with many users under the impression it was to utilize the software company’s powerful anti-cheat systems. Now we’re going to find out if the $11 million Roblox paid for the company was worthwhile, with the Hyperion software rolling out through the different Roblox clients, arriving first on the 64-bit desktop version.

Cheating in Roblox has been a problem for many years, with users using cheat engines to hack games or overpower their characters. Already we’re seeing reports of users getting the boot for trying to open games with cheat engines in use, so hopefully, it means more fair play in the world’s most popular gaming platform.

Still, not everyone is happy about the arrival of Hyperion in Roblox. Some users are taking to Reddit to complain about the compatibility issues with the new software and Linux operating system, with the WINE software necessary for some to run Roblox not compatible with Hyperion. Whether Roblox resolves this issue or it’s left to Linux users to find a new operating system is yet to play out.

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