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IKEA wants to pay you to work in its Roblox store

The Roblox IKEA store is great for those after a virtual job that pays, all you need to do is be ready to serve up some lovely meatballs.

Roblox IKEA store employee stood in front of a show room which couches behind him

Roblox’s IKEA store is a new venture for the Swedish furniture company, and it’s looking to hire ten employees to work in the virtual shop – yes, you read that right. IKEA is ready to pay you to work on Roblox, assuming you’re successful with your application for the position.

We stumbled across the news on X thanks to RBXNews, and we couldn’t help but head to the application page. To become an IKEA Co-Worker on Roblox, you must be at least 18 years old and be willing to work across different departments in the virtual store. One day, you might be in the showroom helping people shop for furniture, and the next, you might be serving up those famous meatballs in the bistro. For all your efforts, you might win exclusive UGCs, gotta love a Roblox game that includes those.

As nice as collectibles are, we have a feeling that it’s the pay with real cash that interests you. IKEA is happy to pay £13.15/ €14.80 an hour on a fully remote, flexible, limited contract. However, if you already work for IKEA, you’re unable to apply for this position. The recruitment process is fairly simple; you just need to head to the website and answer a few questions.

These include what piece of IKEA furniture you would be and why, what you would do if the company ran out of pixelated hotdogs, and how you feel about turning into pixels – pretty good for that hourly rate, to be honest. As for the furniture, I’d be a bean bag chair. You could just put me in the corner for a cozy nap.

Roblox IKEA store screenshot showing the inside of the shop with produce, fridges, and pallets

If all of that sounds great to you, make sure you apply for a position in IKEA’s new Roblox store. Or, if you prefer spooky experiences over walking around a virtual store, give our Roblox horror games list a read.

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