You can now vote in the Roblox Innovation Awards 2023

The Roblox Innovation Awards 2023 now have a voting hub within the metaverse, so you can pick your favorites in various categories and take part in activities.

Roblox innovation awards 2023 header showing two characters on the right and various items of clothing superimposed over a black and blue space-style background on the right. The characters are sort of Playmobil-esque, one with a mask and space age clothes all over, the other in a beanie with a faraway look and a t-shirt with the awards' logo on it.

The Roblox Innovation Awards 2023 are right around the corner, with the awards taking place at RDC 2023 later this year. To help you cast your vote, Dev Rel Development, a team made up of Roblox staff, has created a Roblox game where you can join in activities and pick your favorites.

Just head over to the Roblox Innovation Awards 2023 voting hub and launch the game. From there, you can choose the best creators and experiences from Roblox and help them on their way to prize-winning prestige. That’s not all, however, as it’s still a game at the same time, with various activities to take part in.

There’s a photo booth where you can grab a snap in your dapper awards-show threads, a special hidden item to hunt for, and lots of other challenges too. Once you complete all the activities, you can unlock even more virtual items in-game, which sure sounds like fun.

When is the Roblox Innovation Awards 2023?

The Roblox Innovation Awards 2023 takes place on September 9, 2023, at the Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco. You can keep up with the latest via the website or on the official Twitter account. Check out the highlights from last year below to get an idea of what to expect.

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How do I vote in the Roblox Innovation Awards 2023?

To vote in the Roblox Innovation Awards 2023, you have to boot up the voting hub experience in Roblox. As soon as we get the chance, we’ll hop in and explore to let you know if there are any secrets lurking within!

Roblox Innovation awards: A screenshot from the Roblox game Mermaid Life shows a mermaid version of a Roblox avatar spread out on a sofa in a room filled with pink furniture

Roblox Innovation Awards winners 2022

Below is a full list of the winners from the Roblox Innovation Awards 2022, as well as links to the games mentioned.

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