Soccer star Jack Grealish set to sign for Roblox’s Gucci Town FC

There’s a Roblox Gucci Town Jack Grealish crossover coming to bring one of England’s top players to the high-fashion experience for a few penalty kicks

Screenshot of Jack Grealish in a fresh Gucci shirt in Gucci World

The most fashionable experience on Roblox is about to get another makeover, with the Roblox Jack Grealish Gucci Town crossover bringing the Manchester City playmaker and fashionista to the high-end fashion world. Not only is the floppy-haired footballer set to arrive in all of his finest Gucci wares, but Gucci Town might have its first football team with Grealish on the scene.

The special appearance from the England midfielder is part of the ongoing efforts from Gucci to expand its Roblox experience using all the star power it can. Thanks to GQ, we know that Grealish’s role in Gucci Town is to set up a penalty tournament, with you able to take part in a mini-tournament against the man himself. Considering the English players’ record at penalty kicks, I think you’re in with a good shot.

With over 30 million of you already having visited Gucci Town, the fashion brand is surely hoping that the in-game presence of one of its biggest ambassadors brings even more players into the experience. It’s good news for the platform too, with the anticipation that the more big brands buy into experiences, the more hope there is of Roblox stock value making some sort of recovery.

It has to be said that the Roblox version of Jack Grealish is pretty impressive, with his famous parting and hairband even included in his design. Still, with a multi-million dollar endorsement from the fashion brand, you would expect Grealish’s Gucci Town appearance to be dripping with swag.

Screenshot of Jack standing by a partol for Roblox Jack Grealish Gucci Town crossover

There you have it, all you need to know about the Roblox Gucci Town Jack Grealish crossover. While you’re here, be sure to grab some freebies with our Roblox game codes, including Nuke Simulator codes, AU Reborn codes, and King Legacy codes.