Roblox login – how to download and create an account

Are you after a way to get started making video games? Put your creative hat on and get ready to make some new experiences with our handy Roblox login guide

A lineup of the avatars available once you've sorted a Roblox login.

Much like Minecraft, getting a Roblox login provides a means to tap into your latent creativity. It provides a safe, child-friendly environment and a series of tools you can use to create your own video games, within a video game. You may not hear about it as much as the likes of Minecraft, but it’s a hugely, if quietly, successful experience.

The best part is that it’s available across PC, mobile, Xbox One, and even VR platforms, with full cross-platform support. That means that once you’ve got your Roblox login, you can create a game on mobile, share it with a friend on Xbox, and enjoy it together. Heck, you can even bring your friends on PC along for the ride.

But how do you do all of that, and how do you get started? Well, that’s exactly the sort of information we aim to provide in this Roblox login guide. We’ll point you towards how to download it on mobile and walk you through how to set up your account. We’ll even provide details on how to log in to your existing account and access your progress on mobile. Oh, and since you’re just getting started, be sure to grab some freebies from our Roblox promo codes list.

everything in our Roblox login guide

A red mech suit avatar available once you've got a Roblox login

Why can’t I log in to Roblox?

If you’re having trouble logging in to Roblox, take a look at our news about the recent Roblox shut down.

Roblox Home: how can I find the homepage?

The first step towards logging into Roblox is finding the homepage. If you are having trouble tracking it down, click the link below!

Roblox download: How can I download Roblox on mobile?

Roblox is available on iOS and Android, and you can grab it from the App StoreGoogle Play, or Amazon Appstore. As we mentioned earlier, it’s fully cross-platform, so you can play on any of the mobile versions with your friends on Xbox One, PC, and VR.

Roblox account: How can I create a Roblox account on mobile?

If you’re just encountering Roblox for the first time, you will need to create an account to enjoy the full experience. Here are the steps in full:

  1. Download Roblox via one of the various app stores
  2. Open Roblox on your mobile device
  3. On the opening screen, hit ‘Sign up’, which is marked in blue on the bottom right
  4. Fill in your birthday, username, and password
  5. Select male or female
  6. Hit ‘Sign Up’
  7. Enjoy Roblox!

The steps are very simple, and are actually identical on a desktop or mobile browser, so feel free to sign up via the official Roblox site as an alternative.

Roblox login: How can I access my Roblox login on mobile?

Again, this is a really easy process, which we’ll detail below in steps:

  • Download Roblox via one of the various app stores
  • Open Roblox on your mobile device
  • Tap on ‘Log in’ on the bottom left-hand side of your screen
  • Input your username and password
  • Tap ‘Log in’
  • Enjoy Roblox

So there we have it: a nice and simple guide that will help you get started on your Roblox journey. Happy creating! However, if you’re after something different, be sure to check out our picks for the best mobile multiplayer games and best mobile platformers here.

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