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Every Rocket League logo 2024

The Rocket League logo has gone through barely any changes despite the car football game being around for years, even after Epic Games’ purchased Psyonix.

The Rocket League logo is iconic to any fans of cars, soccer, or videogames (or all three!). Okay, maybe not iconic, but it definitely is on the icon for the videogame on my Nintendo Switch screen. Anyway, enough silly jokes…

What we’re here to do is to help any budding graphic designers learn about the design choices made by Psyonix and Epic Games’ for its free-to-play multiplayer game. We’ve also got Rocket League codes, Rocket League best car, and Rocket League wallpapers for all you vehicular ball-scoring aficionados.

Here’s every iteration of the Rocket League logo:

The Rocket League logo on a mango yellow background. It's a crest with the title of the game above a buggy-like car as if engraved in metal below.

Rocket League logo 2014

The first Rocket League logo reminds me of Robot Wars, a British television show where mechanically-minded people design brutal killer robots and make them fight. I like it. Here, we have the car below a slightly cartoonish wraparound font. It’s chill, but a little MS Word art for me.

The Rocket League logo on a mango yellow background. It's the words Rocket League in a Futura-esque font, next to a football crest withe a car flying across it behind a ball.

Rocket League logo 2015

Just like everything in graphic design, the Rocket League logo pushed for simplicity with its pseudo-Futura logo change in 2015, alongside the football team crest with a car flying through it. It’s bold if a bit lacking in personality.

The Rocket League logo on a mango yellow background. It's just the words 'Rocket League' in a Futura-esque font.

Rocket League logo 2020

By 2020, Epic Games’ owned Rocket League, as they do now. The logo lost the football crest and is now used on its own next to seasonal changes and whatnot. The name is still there, bold as ever, and changes color in press materials based on different in-game events.

Rocket League logo: The Rocket Racing logo in white and orange on a PT yellow background

Rocket Racing logo 2024

While it’s technically not a Rocket League logo, we thought we’d include the Rocket Racing logo in this list as well. Rocket Racing is a racing game mode in Epic’s Fortnite made by the developers of Rocket League.

The overall design and feel of both games is very similar, so Rocket Racing feels like a spiritual successor to Rocket League, housed within the mega-popular sandbox game.

There you have it, the Rocket League logo through the years. For more, check out our guide to the best portable gaming consoles to pick the best tech for the job.