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Rocket League wallpapers for mobile and PC

Put the pedal to the metal and soak up those action-packed, neon vibes with our top picks for the best Rocket League wallpapers for mobile and PC

Rocket League wallpapers: Two Rocket League wallpapers, one showing a car on a desktop screen and the other showing a neon logo on a tablet screen, pasted on a blue Pocket Tactics background

Ah, the bright, neon lights, the screeching wheels, the… Soccer balls? No, this isn’t The Fast and the Furious. It’s Rocket League. If you want to capture that epic fusion of vivid vehicles and soaring soccer balls everywhere you go, then these Rocket League wallpapers are perfect for you. And, with a variety of awesome action shots, lit logos, and more for both mobile and desktop, there’s plenty to choose from.

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Here are all the best Rocket League wallpapers for your devices.

Rocket League wallpapers for PC

Rocket League wallpaper of a ball sitting on the RL field

Take a moment to breathe with this up-close shot of the Rocket League ball, just waiting for the match to kick off.

Rocket League wallpaper showing the back of two cars revving

Rev up your engines, and get ready to race to the leaderboard with this epic shot.

Rocket League wallpaper of a car blasting off into space

Go all the way to the moon with this amazing wallpaper showing a car jetting through space.

Rocket League wallpaper of a neon car from behind

Until we can afford to have a sweet ride like this in real life, we’ll have to make do with this amazing neon wallpaper.

Rocket League wallpaper showing a car and a ball racing towards the goal

Score a goal with this epic action shot, and make the crowd go wild.

Rocket League wallpapers for mobile

Rocket League wallpaper showing multiple cars flying through the air

Find yourself at the heart of the action, anytime, any place, with this epic mobile wallpaper.

Rocket League wallpaper of a neon sign showing the RL logo

For a more muted vibe, check out this chop-shop-style neon sign.

Rocket League wallpaper of a blue car and a pink car driving after a ball

Become a cosmic cruiser and feel that g-force with these vibrant beauties.

Rocket League wallpaper showing a yellow car jumping over two other cars

Get that gear into action and leap over the competition with this fierce and fiery phone wallpaper.

Rocket League wallpaper showing a pink and purple car soaring into the air

For a more stylized vibe, put the pedal to the metal with this stunning illustrative shot.

And that’s all our top pics for our current favorite Rocket League wallpapers. We’ll be sure to update this guide in the future, so you can switch it up and keep it fresh while still showing your Rocket League love. But, in the meantime, check out our lists of the best car games, the best Switch sports games, and the best mobile sports games.