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The best Rocket League cars

If you’re trying to figure out the best Rocket League cars, we’ve got a guide to stop you from spending hours comparing engines in-game.

Custom image for Rocket League best car guide with a blue car on a blue background

Looking for Rocket League’s best car? Sure, you’ve mastered aerials, last-minute saves, and dribbling like a mechanical Lionel Messi, but until you get the best whip to hit that big old ball with, you’re never making it to the big leagues. So, we’ve decided to do a bit of digging under the hood to figure out what the best options are when it comes to the best Rocket League cars.

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We’ve chosen our top five picks for Rocket League’s best cars, with something for the professionals, the beginners, and everyone in between. So buckle up, and let’s boost into this thing.

Screenshot of a special blue Octane for Rocket League best car list


Despite being one of the first cars you unlock, the Octane remains the primo option throughout the extended roster of available wagons and takes its rightful place as the top pick on our list of Rocket League’s best cars.

With a hitbox perfectly suited for skillful attacking play – as well as thwacking the ball out of the way on your goal line – it’s the predominant choice for pros and amateurs alike. With the Octane around since the dawn of Rocket League, there’s no shortage of snazzy skins available to deck out your wagon, and we don’t expect to see less of the much-loved design any time soon.

Screenshot of a blue sleek looking Batmobile for Rocket League best car list


Personally, it doesn’t matter to me if the Batmobile isn’t suited for competitive Rocket League because, well, it’s the Batmobile, but the fact that this iconic speed machine is perfectly suited for some auto sports isn’t something I’m going to moan about.

With its long, flat body, Batman’s preferred mode of transport is a beast in the air and occupies enough space to make it a decent defender too. If you’re torn between the Octane and the next pick on this list, the Dominus, the Batmobile might be a good place, and a fun place, to meet in-between.

Screenshot of a yellow Dominus for Rocket League best car list


If you want to make an entrance in the closest thing Rocket League has to an old-school muscle car, the Dominus is a viable option and one of the sleekest-looking machines across the entire roster of cars.

As the runner-up most popular pick to the Octane, the Dominus is another of the cars you see seasoned professionals turn to when a game is too important to lose.

Screenshot of a special Portal Merc for Rocket League best car list


While the Merc might not be as aerodynamic as some of the other options on this list, it’s still a great defensive option or one for new players. Due to the size of this car, it’s easier to dribble, and you can occupy more space in the goal. Plus, it still benefits from boosts just like the rest of the Rocket League roster.

Admittedly, you can’t rely on the Merc for tight corners if you’re caught on the counter, but otherwise, it’s a solid call for both starting your sporting career and the big leagues.

Screenshot of a drifting Breakout for Rocket League best car list


If you want to give Rocket League some serious Tron vibes while still rolling a competitively viable car, the Breakout is a stylish alternative to the favorites.

Looking like an old Lamborghini, the Breakout is something of a one-trick striker perfect for knocking in crosses from other players or any other sort of tap-ins with its flat-as-a-pancake hood. Like the Merc, the Breakout is not much use in the air, but if you’re playing most of your game on the ground, there’s no reason not to give it a go.

Official screenshot of a red and green Grog for Rocket League best cars guie


If you want a car that gives some serious Mad Max vibes, you can’t go wrong with the Grog. Arriving in 2015 as part of the Chaos Run DLC pack, this one is a personal favorite for whenever I feel like bullying cars out of the way instead of trying to play with any real skill.

It might not be as aerodynamic as some of the other picks on this list, but if you’re playing 3v3 games, this is a solid option for whoever wants to play as a defender. There’s not an opponent out there that likes bearing down on the opposition’s half with a Grog protecting the goal line.

Screenshot of a blue and orange Fennec for best Rocket League cars guide


The Fennec is a solid all-rounder, with enough speed to attack the goal and a big enough build to defend it. It’s one of the later arrivals on our list, joining the game in 2019, and you can access it from the Totally Awesome Crate (with a bit of luck, of course).

Thanks to the design of the Fennec, it’s as good as any other car at shooting and can maneuver through the air if you’re a Rocket League pro having mastered the art of aerial movement. If you’ve not taken it for a test drive before, it’s well worth spending on the crate to try it out.

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