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Saltsea Chronicles releases on Switch alongside its own climate report

Set sail across islands Saltsea Chronicles on Switch as it releases today, complete with a report on its own effects on the climate.

Saltsea Chronicles release date- four people inside a control room in a distinct art style

Today is the Saltsea Chronicles release date on Switch, and it takes us on a journey across islands set in a post-flood world, where new stories and technologies grow. But there’s more to it than that – a dark conspiracy is ready for you to uncover.

Saltsea Chronicles is set after a huge disaster took place, where you must lead a crew through an archipelago to unravel the mystery of what happened to their captain. Your choices are key here, as depending on what you pick, there are different endings and paths to go down. We love a multiple-playthrough choice game.

Each island you visit has a different vibe and community, building on what was left after the flood. Recreating the world brought out people’s talents, and new technologies took hold, ensuring an enthralling experience across each episode.

The studio behind Saltsea Chronicles is award-winning Die Gute Fabrik, known for Mutazione and Sportsfriends. Along with their brand new game, the studio is releasing a full report into the carbon impact of the game’s production, titled ‘Climate Impacts of Producing Saltsea Chronicles’. You can read the full report right here if you like.

To create the report, Die Gute Fabrik enlisted Dr Benjamin Abraham, a renowned sustainability researcher who is also the founder of AfterClimate – a consultancy working with video game creators and their environmental concerns. The report dives into the effects that creating Saltsea Chronicles has had.

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The hope behind this report is to inspire other creators to take ownership of their own climate impact and raise awareness around tools to monitor output and to help tackle it. “This report represents an important first step in understanding and addressing the climate impacts of indie game making,” says Dr Abraham.

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